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The Writing Process

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Blogging and Content Writing

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Writing Apps

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How to Use ProWritingAid

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Grammar Rules

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Business Writing

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ProWritingAid in the Classroom

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Adjectives: An Easy Guide with ExamplesAdverbsArticlesConjunctionsInterjectionsFull List


ApostropheColonCommaDashEllipsis: Examples and MeaningFull List


Mixed ConstructionsParallelismPassive VoiceRun-On SentencesSingular TheyFull List


HyperboleIdiomsMetaphorsOnomatopoeiaSimilesFull List


AbbreviationsCapitalizationCompound WordsContractionsSpelling


Long Repeated PhrasesParagraph ReadabilityReadability

Writing Style

Acronym ConsistencyPacingPassive VoiceShow; Don't TellStyle ImprovementsFull List

Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Grammar MistakesSpelling

Sentence Starts

"-ing" Sentence StartsStarting Sentences with Conjunctions


Dialogue TagsDialogue Tags with AdverbsNonstandard Dialogue Tags

Sentence Length

Average Sentence LengthSentence Length VarietyVery Long Sentences