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30+ Furthermore Synonyms

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In writing and speech, the word furthermore is used as a conjunctive adverb. It ties together two sentences that have a connection by advancing the argument. As a transition word furthermore is defined as "an addition to what precedes."

When used correctly, furthermore helps make your writing easier to understand. But, like with any word, overusing furthermore will distract your reader and disrupt the flow of your writing. So what can you say instead?

To find the best synonyms, we need to make sure we know what we’re trying to say. Let’s expand on that definition a little.

  1. What Does the Word Furthermore Mean?
  2. What Type of Word Is Furthermore?
  3. How Do I Use Furthermore in a Sentence?
  4. What Can I Say Instead of Furthermore?
  5. What Is Another Way to Say Additionally?
  6. Does Moreover Mean Furthermore?
  7. Make Your Writing Richer with These Furthermore Alternatives

What Does the Word Furthermore Mean?

Furthermore means the same as besides, moreover, or in addition. Initially used in the 13th century, this word ties statements, paragraphs, and thoughts together. In a text or essay, it’s used to show that the author or speaker is not done with what they are saying and is furthering their point using additional evidence.

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What Type of Word Is Furthermore?

Furthermore is an adverb. Adverbs modify the meaning of words and sentences. In this case, the adverb furthermore modifies the following sentence by marking it as a continuation of the idea from the sentence or point before it.

This changes the meaning of the sentence by asking you to consider other information alongside it.

How Do I Use Furthermore in a Sentence?

Now that you know some related words to use for furthermore, how can you use furthermore in a sentence? Let’s look at some example sentences.

Image showing furthermore used in a sentence

  • My parents just moved into a nice house. We love it. Furthermore, it’s near my dad’s job.
  • Our annual family summer trip to Paris is usually so much fun. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost us a lot of money.
  • Most companies have now adopted the work-from-home model. This has improved productivity. Furthermore, employees can work from any location.
  • We, furthermore, won’t include the personal contact information you share on your job application.
  • I enjoy shopping at Jades’. Furthermore, I get the best bargain.
  • Furthermore, the comments on my Instagram page have been very positive lately.

Is Furthermore a Formal Word?

Furthermore is most commonly used in formal writing like essays, reports, and presentations.

You’re unlikely to throw it into casual conversation, like when you’re ordering a coffee:

  • "I would like an iced latte, please, and furthermore, I would like a croissant."

That sounds a little strange. In informal speech and writing, go for something like also.

  • "I’d like a coffee, please, and also a croissant."

You can find some more informal synonyms for furthermore in the next section.

However, it’s important to note that some synonyms, such as on top of that, by the same token, and over and above that should really only be used in an informal setting. Despite this, they all have the same meaning and will provide support to your statement without too much repetition.

What Can I Say Instead of Furthermore?

Chances are you’ll need to link points together more than once in a piece of writing. Switch out repeated instances of furthermore for some of these synonyms to keep your writing fresh:

  • Additionally
  • Also
  • Again
  • Besides
  • Moreover
  • Likewise
  • What’s more
  • As well
  • Too
  • Yet
  • Along
  • To boot
  • Withal
  • Secondly
  • Extra
  • Plus
  • Still

Image showing alternatives for furthermore

What Is Another Way to Say Additionally?

If you struggle to remember what furthermore means, you can think of it as a synonym for additionally. But what if you have already used furthermore and additionally in your writing?

Here are even more synonyms for furthermore and additionally:

  • On top of that
  • On top of everything else
  • As well as that
  • In addition to everything else
  • To boot
  • By the same token
  • Over and above that
  • Not to mention
  • Further
  • What’s more
  • On top of this
  • In addition to this
  • As well as this
  • Not only

What Are Some Synonyms of Furthermore in a Sentence?

When speaking or writing, it’s advisable to vary your words to communicate effectively. One way to do this is to use other words with the same meaning.

For instance, in an excerpt, you can mention furthermore two to three times and then use synonyms to support your message. Here are some examples of how you can use a furthermore synonym in your content.


  • The music class will last for two hours this Friday. Additionally, it will include some group lessons.

Over and Above That

  • Over and above that, our work performance has increased this past year.


  • There are many ways to get there, but the train is the most used here. Besides the train, you can use the bus service for your trip tomorrow.

What’s More

  • I can take you shopping tomorrow morning. What’s more, I know the best place to get a good bargain.

In Addition

  • In addition, I forgot to bring my phone charger today.


The price of these shoes is reasonable. Moreover, the pair fits me very well.

On top of that

  • On top of that, I had to walk to the mall.

Varying your transitions is important—and so is using enough transitions. You should start around 25% of your sentences with a transition word to keep your ideas flowing smoothly.

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Does Moreover Mean Furthermore?

Furthermore and moreover are interchangeably used as synonyms. The definition is similar. Moreover is also added to provide additional support to an argument.

When should you use moreover? Unlike other furthermore synonyms, moreover is more authoritative and has a forceful tone. While furthermore is a continuation of what has been said, moreover is an intensifier.

Grammatically, the words furthermore and moreover can be used in place of one another. If you need to use them in the same paragraph, use moreover first and then furthermore.

Here are some examples:

  • I think you should search for another house. Moreover, there are new apartments just across the street.
  • Life has become very tough since I finished college I got divorced and everything in my house was stolen. Moreover, I lost my job, so I’m still looking for employment.

Image showing relationship between furthermore and moreover

Is Furthermore a Complex Word?

Yes, it is. Furthermore is a conjunctive adverb. Therefore, when using it to connect two independent sentences, there’s a basic rule that you should follow.

If these two parts of text can independently stand separately, you’ll need to use a semicolon instead of a comma. The other alternative is to use a period right before the conjunctive phrase.

  • Whitney Houston was a songwriter and singer; furthermore, she was one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

Since you can easily confuse what punctuation you should put before or after furthermore, it’s best to use our Grammar Report when proofreading your content. This will show you where you’ve made possible errors and how to correct them.

Here’s an example:

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Make Your Writing Richer with These Furthermore Alternatives

Furthermore is an important transition phrase in both writing and speech. For the text to make sense, use the term in the right place. Wrong placement of furthermore can alter the entire meaning and flow of a paragraph and lead to miscommunication.

When the text contains complex phrases, you can use furthermore to break it down into simpler sentences. When the information is split this way, the reader can concentrate much better. Long sentences can be too hard to read.

The term can also be placed either at the beginning or in the middle of the text. This way, it becomes easier to read.

Furthermore is a pretty vital word which makes it easy to overuse. Bookmark this article for when you need a reminder of all its alternatives.

Don’t forget, you can always use ProWritingAid’s Word Explorer for inspiration.

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