Style Improvements

Your writing can have no spelling or grammar mistakes but still be awkward, clumsy, and hard to read. By accepting the style suggestions in your document, you can make your writing easier and more enjoyable to read. The style suggestions cover issues like repeated sentence starts, clunky word order and phrasing, hidden verbs, and more. It's important to remember that writing is never perfect. You'll always be able to make more style improvements to your work. Aim for a score of 80% or higher and your document will be ready for your audience.

The suggestions in the Style Report help your document become more readable and engaging. Certain mistakes, such as repeated sentence starts, are grammatically correct. However, these mistakes make your writing less effective.

Let's look a little bit more at repeated sentence starts. The Style Report highlights when you've started multiple sentences with the same word. For instance:

"I went to the store. I bought lots of food. I went home with my purchases."

All of the sentences in this example are grammatically correct. However, the repeated sentence starts are boring. The Style Report will help you change these sentence starts to make your writing more engaging for your reader.

Do I Have to Accept Every Style Suggestion in My Document?


As the writer, you have ultimate control over which style suggestions you accept and which you ignore. Some of the suggestions might not make sense for your writing. That's okay. Each style suggestion gives you more information so you have the information you need to choose whether or not to make a particular change.

Style suggestion acceptance