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Whether you are writing a novel, essay, article or email, good writing is an essential part of communicating your ideas.

This e-book contains the 20 most important writing tips and techniques from a wide range of professional writers. Some focus on the minutia of specific word selection; others focus on the more complex ideas like finding the right metaphor, policing your work for Purple Prose, or figuring out when it’s time to send it off to potential publishers.

20 editing tips from professional writes20 editing tips from professional writes
Creating LegendsCreating Legends

Characters are the heart of your story.

This book is for all the writers out there who want to create  compelling, engaging, relatable characters  that readers will adore… or despise. Learn how to invent characters based on actions, motives, and their past. Discover how archetypes—not stereotypes—should help inform your character’s deeper motives and desires. Understand how to create an emotional connection to your protagonist (and antagonist) for your reader that extends beyond real life.

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So you are ready to write your novel.

Are you prepared? The last thing you want when you sit down to write your first draft is to lose momentum. Have you figured out the key traits of your characters so that you know how they will act (and react) in each scene? Have you thought through the climax of your narrative so that you can lay all the groundwork to get there? Have you researched the setting of your story so you can make it feel authentic?

Use this guide before you start writing to work out your narrative arc, plan out your key plot points, flesh out your characters, and begin to build your world. Then, when you begin your writing journey, you will have a map to follow along the way.

The novel-writing training planThe novel-writing training plan
3 steps to success3 steps to success

Now is a wonderful time to be a copywriter.

With the advent of the internet, the copywriting industry is exploding. Content is now seen as critical for all online businesses.

Turn Yourself into a Prosperous Copywriter  breaks down the three essential steps you must take if you think copywriting is the career for you:

  • Develop Your Skills
  • Create Content that Resonates
  • Build Your Profile (and Pay Your Bills)

Each section is divided into topic-focused chapters, and at the end of each chapter we've included a list of recommended references for those who want to investigate the topic further.