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Coming up on ProWritingAid in 2023

The ProWritingAid Team

The ProWritingAid Team

ProWritingAid: A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.

Published Dec 30, 2022

coming up in 2023

At ProWritingAid, we believe everyone should be able to express their ideas clearly, accurately, and confidently. That's why we're always looking for new ways to help you improve your writing.

Keep reading for a recap of all the exciting new features we released in 2022, and a sneak peek into what we have in store for 2023.

  1. New ProWritingAid Features in 2022
  2. Area 1: Improve Wherever You Write
  3. Area 2: Write Together in Real-time
  4. Area 3: Personalize ProWritingAid to You
  5. What New Features Will ProWritingAid Have in 2023?

New ProWritingAid Features in 2022

2022 was a busy year at ProWritingAid. We wanted to improve your writing experience in three key areas to allow you to:

  • Improve your writing in more places than ever
  • Write and edit with others
  • Customize ProWritingAid to your needs

Here's what we've been up to this year.

Area 1: Improve Wherever You Write

Your writing software should work where you do. This year, we focussed on making ProWritingAid available whenever and wherever you need it so you can feel confident in everything you write. Here's how:

Unlock the Full Power of ProWritingAid with Everywhere

Great writing got easier this year when we launched ProWritingAid Everywhere for Windows.

Everywhere helps you make sure your emails, documents, messages, and presentations are polished and error free across all the programs you use.

sample ProWritingAid Everywhere apps

When you download ProWritingAid Everywhere, you'll get writing suggestions delivered directly in all your favorite Windows apps, such as:

  • MS Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Evernote and Notepad
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • Slack
  • Scrivener
  • Slite
  • and 100s more.

The best bit? It's free for all users.

Join 1000s of writers already improving their writing with Everywhere.

Not on Windows? The Mac version is coming soon. Read more below.

Get More Done with Faster Browser Extensions

Have you tried our browser extensions yet? Add our extensions to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge to see spelling, grammar, and style suggestions across millions of sites.

This year, we worked hard behind the scenes to make our extensions quicker and more powerful than ever. Check your writing seamlessly, and make a great impression everywhere you write online.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Area 2: Write Together in Real-time

Whether you're writing for work, school, or publication, chances are you'll need to share your work with someone to make your project the best it can be.

Work Smarter with Collaboration

Tired of sending documents back and forth to get feedback? Now you can write, edit, and collaborate on your documents all in the same place with Collaboration.

In 2021, we introduced commenting to ProWritingAid so you could give and receive feedback as you work. This year, we made it even easier to collaborate.

Share your online documents for other writers to view, comment, and write with you in real-time.

collaboration in ProWriitngAid

In Collaboration mode, you can:

  • Edit simultaneously with other writers
  • See who is working in the document and their exact cursor locations so you know who is working where

Others can only edit your work when you enable collaborative editing—your private docs stay private.

Learn more and start collaborating.

Area 3: Personalize ProWritingAid to You

Everyone has something to say, and the right to say it well. This year, we built more tools for academic and business writers to help you share your ideas with confidence. And for creative writers, we hosted more live events than ever to help you expand your writing community.

For Students: Get an A+ Advantage

Academic writing comes with a host of complex conventions. This year we launched a range of new features to help you focus on your ideas, not all those rules.

When you select any academic document type, you'll see how your paper scores in several key areas for academic writing:

  • Inline citations (for MLA and Chicago)
  • Formality
  • Analytical language
  • Transition words

To see how your document shapes up, simply select an academic document type and check your document's goals. Click through on any of the above academic goals to access a more in-depth academic report.

For Teams Writing at Work: Visualize Your ROI

Does your team use ProWritingAid at work? We know our software will improve your team's writing skills, but we also understand that the language of numbers is crucial in any business decision.

That's why we created the Team Analytics Dashboard. It's a simple way to visualize the return on your investment in ProWritingAid by summarizing several key metrics for your team:

  • Total improvements to date
  • Cost savings to date
  • Time saved to date
  • Bias improvements (measures how inclusive your team's writing is)

team analytics dashboard

Not only will your team's writing go from good to great—you'll be able to prove it, too.

For Creative Writers: Find Your Writing Community

Writing can be lonely... but it doesn't have to be. In 2022, over 20,000 of you joined us for four weeks of live workshops and training sessions for fantasy, crime, science fiction, and romance authors.

Events included sessions with bestselling authors like Andy Weir (The Martian) and Taylor Jenkins Reid (The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo), as well as networking events and workshops to help you become the writer you always wanted to be.

If you missed out this year, don't worry. We have a full calendar of events coming up in 2023.

What New Features Will ProWritingAid Have in 2023?

We're working hard behind the scenes to make ProWritingAid even better for you in 2023. Here are just a few of the exciting new features we're working on.

On-Demand Paraphrasing

Sometimes it’s hard to find the exact right words to express your ideas. Soon, you'll be able to automatically rephrase your sentences to suit your purpose.

Need a shorter or longer sentence? Want to make your writing sound more or less formal? Looking for a fresh way to express a concept? Soon, you'll be able to type a sentence into ProWritingAid and hit 'rephrase' to see suggested changes.

These rephrasings will update the structure and vocabulary of your text without removing any key information, so your original meaning will still shine through. Then, all you need to do is pick the sentence that fits your writing best.

paraphrasing demo

And that's not all. Our sticky sentences and passive voice suggestions are also getting upgrade. Rather than just highlighting where you could phrase something more clearly or in the active voice, ProWritingAid will now suggest alternative phrasings for you to choose from.

Creating clear, engaging writing has never been easier.

Strike the Right Tone: Tone Detection

Ever received an email that just sounded plain rude? Chances are, the sender didn't mean it.

However you want to come across, the words you use matter. But it's not always easy to work out how people will receive your message. That's where tone detection comes in.

With our new tone detection feature, you'll soon be able to see how your phrasing, word choices, and punctuation make you sound before you send a message.

example of tone detection

This is especially useful for emails, which is why we'll also introduce a feature that notifies you when an email you're about to send sounds angry or unpleasant.

You'll be writing clear, well received communications in no time.

ProWritingAid Everywhere for Mac

Feeling left out, Mac users? Don't worry; ProWritingAid Everywhere for Mac is nearly here.

With Everywhere, you'll finally be able to see ProWritingAid suggestions directly Apple Pages, Word for Mac, Slack, Scrivener, Evernote, and 100s more. We know this is something you've wanted to see for a while—we can't wait to share it with you.

Help Us Shape ProWritingAid's Future

ProWritingAid was built by writers, for writers. In 2023, we're going to focus even more on hearing from you to make ProWritingAid as useful as possible.

What do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments—and if you like someone else's idea you see there, give it a thumbs up.

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The ProWritingAid Team

The ProWritingAid Team

ProWritingAid: A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.

The most successful people in the world have coaches. Whatever your level of writing, ProWritingAid will help you achieve new heights. Exceptional writing depends on much more than just correct grammar. You need an editing tool that also highlights style issues and compares your writing to the best writers in your genre. ProWritingAid helps you find the best way to express your ideas.

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Outstanding. Particularly looking forward to paraphrasing and passive voice suggestions.
We're so glad you're as excited about the upcoming features as we are! We can't wait until they're rolled out for all users. :)
I would like to see tense detection for consistency.
This is a popular suggestion! While we have nothing designed specifically for tense detection just yet, it's definitely something we're interested in. Keep an eye out for future updates!
When will paraphrasing and tone detection be available? A little more specific than 2023!............Thanks
Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, since we are a small team working on many priorities, we cannot give a more specific release date for these features. We're sorry for any disappointment!
I'm especially excited to try out the new On-Demand Paraphrasing feature!
We're very excited about it as well! Once the feature is released to all users, we'd love to hear feedback about it!
will these new features be added to my account or do I have to request them? Ian
Hey there! Thank you for your comment! You don't have to do anything; these features will become available to you as we release them to all PWA users. :)
Hey ProWritingAid! I'd like the option to hit the enter key (or shift+enter) to insert one line rather than a double space. If this option is already available, please let me know.
Thank you for your comment! What you describe is not currently an option for our app because formatting does not appear in ProWritingAid. This is why there is always extra space between lines and paragraphs when using the web editor, desktop app, or any full editors in our integrations. However, we appreciate you suggesting this; our team is always taking user feedback into consideration.
I am finishing up a book I've been working on for several years and ProWriting has been a God-send. The suggestions are usually spot-on and help my words to flow more naturally. I'm a superfan for sure. Looking forward to the Mac version.
Thank you for your comment! It means so much to us that ProWritingAid has been able to help you with your book. Comments like these put a smile on our faces. Thank you for being a superfan!
Great new features
Thank you for your comment! We're glad you think so!
We agree that it's very cool, indeed. :)
Thumbs up!! Exciting! I've been with ProWritingAid shortly before their 5th birthday when I upgraded to Premium Plus. Glad I did! English "was" my second language, but now... I use Mac with a 24" external monitor, but texts are small for a 70+. I'll appreciate seeing Zoom features in the program, so I enjoy these great enhancements.
Thank you for your comment! We're pleased to hear you've been satisfied with our app - especially for so many years! Thank you for making this suggestion. We're always taking our users' feedback into consideration.
I'd like a little more help/clarity with transitions. Although I understand what they are, time, place, or moving a story on, I don't understand how the transitions function works in PWA. I.e. It tells me I don't use enough.
Thank you for your comment! Have you checked out our article on how to use our Transition Report? I think it might help. If not, just let me know. :) (Apologies for how links look a little weird in the comment section.),or%20phrase%20every%20four%20sentences.
thank you for making things much easier and stop the complicated process of writing freely simpler and effective
Thank you for your comment and kind words! We're glad we can help! :)
Thanks for all the hard work. All the new features look great. I am particularly looking forward to Everywhere for Mac. I would love to see a PWA mobile app, so that we can get the benefits even while writing on our phones. In addition, it will be great if you could use a roadmap tool, where we can vote for favourite features and even make recommendations. This will help you capture user requests easily and get a sense of what people need with the no. of votes. Thanks once again for all the new updates that are planned!
Thank you for your comment! We're glad you're looking forward to our new features. A ProWritingAid phone/tablet app has been a popular request for a while. While nothing is currently in development regarding a mobile app, it's definitely something we're interested in. We have a suggestion/feedback website called Upvoty. You can find it here:
I am amazed by this program. Ever considered a Spanish-language version?
Thank you for your comment! We're glad you like ProWritingAid! There may be the possibility of ProWritingAid becoming available in other languages in the future. Be sure to check out our newsletter for updates on this and other features of ProWritingAid. If you're not already, you can sign up for our newsletter here:

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