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ProWritingAid for Firefox

With our Firefox extension, you can get the power of our real-time spelling and grammar checker in Gmail, Google Docs, WhatsApp, and hundreds of other sites.

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Works wherever you do

Get real-time writing suggestions everywhere you write online.

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I am continually impressed with the positive input this program offers me every time I sit down to write. My skills have improved immensely since I bought it and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to have more confidence in their own writing.

I’ve tried every free and paid writing/editing/grammar extension out there and this by far is the best one my team and I have found. It’s fast, accurate and really helps improve your writing beyond simple grammar suggestions.

ProWritingAid has been a resource in my writer toolkit for many years. The program helps me to craft and clarify my stories for a better reader experience. Your editor will thank you for making their job easier.


Common Questions About the Firefox Extension

How do I install the Firefox extension?

  1. Click the button above, “Download for Firefox” to download the extension.

  2. Open Firefox.

  3. Go to the “Tools” menu, click “Add-ons and Themes.”

  4. In the “Add-ons and Themes” window that opens, click the gear icon (⚙️) button in the upper right hand corner, click “Install Add-on from File.”

  5. Navigate to where you downloaded the extension in Step 1 and open the file.

  6. Click “Add” in the Firefox browser pop-up.

How do I uninstall the Firefox extension?

1. Open your Firefox web browser.

2. Click on the menu icon (three parallel bars) in the top left-hand corner of the browser.

3. Select the option “Add-ons and themes.“

4. Click on “Extension.“ You should then see a list of your add-ons, including our ProWritingAid web browser extension.

5. The slider next to the ProWritingAid extension, highlighted in blue, can be used to turn the add-in on or off. But if you’d prefer to delete the extension, press the “...“ button next to the slider and select the option to “Remove.“