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Check for passive voice

ProWritingAid’s passive voice checker highlights passive voice in your writing and gives you active voice options that keep your sentences clear and compelling.

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Whether you’re working on a short email or a full-length novel, ProWritingAid will catch spelling and grammar errors as you write so that no pesky mistakes slip through.

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ProWritingAid’s in-depth writing reports give you real-time style suggestions, such as avoiding overused words and varying your sentence lengths.

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You should check any text that will be read by someone else.

For business writers, it improves your:
  • emails
  • reports
  • pitches
  • cover letters
  • resumes
  • contracts
  • strategies
  • marketing copy
For creative writers, it improves your:
  • stories
  • articles
  • memoirs
  • blog posts
  • social posts
  • essays
For students, it improves your:
  • essays
  • lab reports
  • assignments
  • applications

ProWritingAid’s Passive Voice Checker FAQs

1. What is passive voice?

Active voice and passive voice are two different grammatical voices in the English language. When a sentence is written in active voice, the subject performs the verb. When a sentence is written in passive voice, the subject gets acted upon by the verb. For example, “I’m writing a novel” is in active voice, whereas “A novel is being written by me” is in passive voice.

2. Why should I avoid passive voice?

Passive voice isn’t a grammatical error, but it’s typically weaker than active voice. Sentences written in passive voice tend to feel unnecessarily convoluted or indirect. Unless you have a strong stylistic reason for using the passive voice, it’s better to write your sentences using the active voice.

3. How does ProWritingAid’s passive voice detector beat Grammarly’s?

With 27 different writing reports, ProWritingAid offers a more detailed analysis of your writing than other passive voice checkers on the market, such as Grammarly. Plus, ProWritingAid’s premium package is cheaper and more affordable than Grammarly’s.

4. Can I detect passive voice in email? And on social media?

Yes! You can use our browser extensions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge) to use our passive vs active voice checker on nearly every website out there, like Facebook, Twitter, and Medium, as well as on web-based email providers like Gmail and Yahoo.