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Discover the secret to easier editing with ProWritingAid. Get developmental feedback on your story in addition to accurate proofreading.

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Make your plot, characters, and settings shine

Edit with ease

Even great writers need help editing. Polish your story with ProWritingAid’s 25+ features, including grammar checking, story critiques, rewrite suggestions, and readability scores.

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Find the perfect words

Try new phrasing options with our Rephrase tool, whether it’s for an immersive setting description or a key line of dialogue.

Learn from your favorite authors

See how your writing compares to published authors, like Stephen King or Margaret Atwood. Compare sentence length, adverb usage, and dialogue tags.

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Works Wherever You Do

Get writing suggestions across all the writing apps you use, whether they’re desktop or online.

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Join the published authors who used ProWritingAid to edit their books.

cover art for Karen Telling's another day in paradise

Another Day in Paradise

A memoir romp by Karen Telling.

cover art from the dead end tour

The Dead End Tour

A cozy mystery by Jen Pitts.

Cover art from Dark Nebula Isolation

Dark Nebula Isolation

A sci-fi adventure by Sean Willson.

Here’s what other writers are saying:

I have both Grammarly Premium and PWA. Just recently switched to PWA only and planning on letting G lapse. PWA is much more expansive and useful. (Also nice to get compliments from my editor about how clean the manuscript is when she gets it.)

Just scratching the surface of this magnificent tool as I edit my epic fantasy. It has already made me a better writer and helped me to line edit my own work. I love it!

ProWritingAid has been a resource in my writer toolkit for many years. The program helps me to craft and clarify my stories for a better reader experience. Your editor will thank you for making their job easier.