We believe in the power of stories

Since 2013, ProWritingAid has helped you share your passion, ideas, and knowledge with the world by telling better stories.


Our story started with a problem

In London in 2013, our founder, Chris Banks, wanted to write a novel about his experiences traveling around South America. Even though Chris was a professional business writer, he struggled with this new style and eventually built ProWritingAid to help himself.

Now, ProWritingAid helps millions of creative and business writers around the world share their stories.

ProWritingAid Founder in South America
ProWritingAid Product UI: rephrasing tool for creative writers

Beyond spelling and grammar

Most writing assistants focus on providing basic grammar, spelling, and style suggestions. Those are useful, sure, but are just the beginning of what makes good writing.

We believe storytelling is the secret to impactful writing. We designed our assistant specifically to help you tell better creative and business stories and share your ideas with the world.

Happily independent

ProWritingAid has grown by taking a different path. We haven't taken money from VCs. We remain proudly and happily independent.

We seek to maximize the value we generate for our customers, our team, our suppliers, and our community. We will always look for win-win situations where we can have a positive impact on our ecosystem.

ProWritingAid is trusted by global organizations

Focused on privacy

As a company run by writers, we know how important your writing is. We only use your text to help you improve your writing. Nothing else. We never share your text or use it for other purposes.

Furthermore, as an independent software company, we don't have corporate shareholders who might pressure us to compromise our ethics for the sake of profit.

Trusted by leading global organizations

Meet the Team

We're a happy team with a big personality and a passion for storytelling.

Headshots of the ProWritingAid team