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Spelling errors can be embarrassing—even simple ones! Avoid both simple and complex spelling mistakes with ProWritingAid’s free online spell checker.

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What Makes ProWritingAid the Best Spell Checker?

Eliminate spelling errors, fix grammar issues, and learn how to be a better writer with one easy-to-use tool.

Check your grammar, style, and tone—and spelling, of course.

Choose the right word from contextually relevant suggestions.

Quickly fix all your misspellings with one simple click.

Let ProWritingAid Be Your Second Set of Eyes

Unlock the secret that professional editors are using. Even the most well-trained eyes will miss mistakes, but nothing gets past ProWritingAid’s spell checker. Powered by AI technology, our spell check tool will highlight where you might have misspelled a word and offer suggestions. Be confident that everything you’re writing will be polished and free from spelling errors.

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How Do I Use the Spell Checker?

Follow these simple steps for error-free text

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1. Check your text for errors

Activate the spell checker to automatically scan your writing for spelling errors and highlight them.

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2. Review your options

When you click on a highlighted word, you'll see suggestions for alternative spellings.

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3. Accept the suggestion

Once you've identified the word you really meant to use, change the word by clicking the correct suggestion.

How Does ProWritingAid’s Spell Checker Work?

ProWritingAid’s spell checker is a part of an even greater tool—an AI-powered grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor. You’ll get suggestions for improvements far beyond just spelling.

Let Your Writing Shine

Grammar rules are important to remember, but let’s face it, there are a lot of them. ProWritingAid has an arsenal of pre-programmed grammar rules so you don’t have to rely on your memory. As you check your spelling, you’ll see possible punctuation mishaps, subject–verb agreement issues, and other grammar errors.

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Improve Your Writing’s Clarity and Readability

Checking that your words are spelled correctly is just one part of good writing. You’ll also want to ensure that your writing is easy to read. The spell checker’s built-in readability report will zone in on areas where your language is a little too complicated.

Make Your Own Rules

There are times when the spell checker may flag a word as misspelled when it’s actually not, such as a newly created character name. With ProWritingAid, you can create your own dictionaries where you can add specific words and jargon. You can also create snippets and style guides that fit your writing needs.

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Who Can Benefit from an Online Spell Checker?

ProWritingAid’s spell checker is for every writer who wants to share their work confidently

Creative Writers

If you’re an author, you’ll want to do as much ground work as you can before hiring a proofreader. If you’re a blogger or social media manager, then you know that sting when a typo makes it into your post. Get it right the first time.


Misspelled words distract from the essence of your essay. They also make your work appear lazy. Improve your grade and show your professors you’re serious about your education.

Business Writers

Imagine a client pointing out a typo in your proposal. Doesn’t seem very professional, does it? Inspire confidence by ensuring all your business communications are error-free.

ProWritingAid is used by every type of writer

ProWritingAid has been a godsend for me. I am currently rewriting all of my eleven books using this program. I can’t believe what I missed first time around. This is the next best thing after a human editor. I love it!

The Prowritingaid extension has been incredibly helpful. I do a lot of academic writing directly in chrome, and being able to use Prowritingaid without switching tabs or using the desktop app makes things a lot faster

I use ProWritingAid every day as I create content for my B2B clients. Been relying on the program for about 3 years. The software has helped me improve my writing.

Questions & Answers

1. Can ProWritingAid check for UK & US spelling mistakes?

Yes, the spell checker works with both British English and American English, as well as Australian and Canadian variations. Just choose the one you would like to use, and your corrections will reflect this.

2. Does ProWritingAid work in Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel?

ProWritingAid easily integrates with your favorite apps like Microsoft Word and Outlook so you can edit wherever you write.

Our browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari let you check your writing on almost every website, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Medium, Wattpad, and more.

3. What kinds of documents can ProWritingAid check spelling mistakes on?

ProWritingAid can check spelling mistakes and more on all types of documents. Whether it’s the first draft of your novel, an academic essay, or a cover letter for your dream job, ProWritingAid will scan and highlight possible grammar and style violations.

4. Is there a word limit on ProWritingAid’s spell checker?

The spell checker is free to use for up to 500 words. But if that’s not that enough for you, unlock even more editing power by signing up for a Premium account. You’ll get an unlimited word count with access to all 20+ in-depth writing reports.