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HMU Meaning and Definition

HMU meaning

HMU is one of many slang acronyms and abbreviations used on the internet and in text. It is technically an initialism, because each of its letters is pronounced separately.

Abbreviations and acronyms make instant messaging quicker, but it only improves the speed if you know what each one means. HMU means “hit me up,” but it also has other meanings.

In this article, we’ll explore the definitions and meanings of HMU, and we’ll give you some examples of how you can use HMU in your messaging and writing.

HMU Definition

The main definition of HMU is “hit me up,” which means the person saying HMU is making a request or invitation for you to message them. It’s usually used positively to show the person is open to connecting with people and having a chat about something.

Using short acronyms to speed up communication has been popular for centuries. The HMU acronym became popular in the 1990s when the phrase “hit me up” appeared synonymous with hip-hop music and culture. 

You might see HMU a lot on people’s profiles on social media, messaging apps, and online dating sites. It’s not uncommon for people to write HMU in lowercase (hmu) but the meaning remains the same.

HMU has also become a popular abbreviation to use when selling items online. For example, when you look at an item description, you might see the seller has said “any questions hmu.” By adding HMU to their listing, they invite potential buyers to contact them to talk about the item they’re selling.

What Does HMU Mean?

Another popular meaning for HMU is “hook me up.” If someone wants you to hook them up, it means they want you to connect them with someone or something. 

For example, if your brother is selling a phone, and your friend wants to buy it, your friend might ask you to hook them up, which means introducing your friend to your brother.

HMU Meaning in Text

If you see HMU in a text, it most likely stands for “hit me up” or “hook me up.” However, there have been some interesting suggestions by internet users posting on slang definition sites for alternative meanings of HMU in texting.

HMU appeared on internet slang dictionary websites in 2009, and the original definition was “hit me up.” In 2010, someone posted a new HMU definition on a site called Urban Dictionary, which was “hold my unicorn.” The new meaning became instantly popular and memes were created to show support for the definition.

HMU means hold my unicorn

Examples of How to Use HMU Acronym

Here are some examples of how you could use HMU in texting and writing:

  • I’m going to be in Glasgow next week, so if you’re about, HMU and we’ll get together.

  • For sale: size 10 roller skates for $25, great condition. Any questions, hmu.

  • Jenny said she would HMU with someone who could fix my car tomorrow, but I haven’t heard anything.

While “hit me up” is the most common meaning of HMU, it’s a good idea to check the context to confirm exactly which meaning the writer is referring to. Remember, someone might need you to hold their unicorn, so consider that next time you see someone write HMU in a message.

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