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Unforgettable Christmas Presents For Writers

ProWritingAid gifts

If you've identified as a writer for long enough, you've likely gotten plenty of notebooks and pens as holiday gifts. And while notebooks and pens are great, there are other gifts that will have a longer impact.

That's why we've put together a list of our favorite gifts for writers: so you can wow the writer in your life with a thoughtful, useful gift will help them grow and develop as a writer. And if the writer in your life is you, well then, consider this inspiration for what to get yourself (or casually forward it to your parents/partner/children/friends).

Scroll down to see our picks.

  1. #1: ProWritingAid
  2. #2: Scrivener
  3. #3: Fictionary
  4. #4: Masterclass
  5. #5: Noise-canceling Headphones
  6. #6: Give Books and Support Local Bookstores
  7. #7: Freewrite
  8. #8: Literary Insults Chart
  9. #9: Bananagrams
  10. #10: AquaNotes

#1: ProWritingAid

The best gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. We are admittedly biased, but we think a ProWritingAid subscription is the very best gift you can get the writer in your life (even if that writer is you).


A ProWritingAid subscription is really three gifts in one: you'll get a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor all in one neat package. What better way to let your favorite writer know that you believe in them?

Get ProWritingAid as a gift now.

#2: Scrivener

If you’ve ever explored writing apps beyond your standard word processor, you’ve likely heard of Scrivener. This powerful piece of software is the secret weapon for many prolific writers.


Think of Scrivener like a cross between a binder and a bullet journal for your project. One where every word is searchable, order can be endlessly rearranged and every scene and chapter is at your fingertips in just a click. Compared to typical word processors, Scrivener gives you better control, improved editing process tools and easier navigation for long-form projects like books or novels.

Sign up for Scrivener here.

#3: Fictionary

Many writers devour books, articles, and videos to improve their craft. But what happens when you’ve finished your manuscript? How do you distill all that information you absorbed from reading about craft into a plan to improve your WIP?


Fictionary imports your manuscript, analyzes it, and evaluates it scene by scene. It tests your WIP against 38 key story elements like story arc, plot, setting, characters, and much more. If you’ve ever wanted a writing coach to look over your work and recommend how you can improve it, Fictionary is the app for you.

Sign up for a Fictionary subscription here.

#4: Masterclass

Masterclass is an online platform where you take online courses taught by the world’s best in different fields, from acting to dancing to culinary arts to, yes, writing.


Masterclass has done an amazing job of curating interesting topics taught by world-renowned experts. Some of our favorite courses include Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing For Television, Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling, David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing, and Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing.

Learn more about Masterclass here.

#5: Noise-canceling Headphones

Nothing's worse than getting into the groove of writing, only to be interrupted by an unexpected phone call or the crying of the child next door. Fortunately, there's a great tool for ensuring you stay in your writing zone: noise-canceling headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones

These headphones provide significant noise reduction so you can focus on your work without distraction. Hear only what you want to hear... when you want to hear it. Our favorite pair, linked below, is less than $100.

Check them out here.

#6: Give Books and Support Local Bookstores

There is little that writers enjoy more than books. This year, when you order books or gift cards for books, make sure you are supporting local bookstores. Those booksellers who lovingly stock their shelves with all our favorite titles need our support.


There are tons of local bookstores who also do a thriving online business so support the one in your neighborhood, or order across the globe from Portland's own Powell's below.

Order your books and gift cards from Powell's.

#7: Freewrite

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I would get so much more writing done if I was less distracted"? If so, you're human and you're not alone. Enter Freewrite.


Freewrite was launched in 2014 with a mission: relieve digital distractions and provide a modern writing tool for serious writers. And it's worked! Thousands of writers have written more than 65 million words on their Freewrite machines. Freewrite devices let you type without distraction: no Internet means no scrolling, no reading, and no browsing.

Sound wonderful? We think so, too.

Learn more about Freewrite here.

#8: Literary Insults Chart

Winston Churchill once said, "Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip." This snark-filled chart compiles unforgettable insults in an interconnected map.

Literary Insults

They run the gamut from sassy to sophisticated, including Hedda Hopper's playful hyperbole (You had to stand in line to hate him) and Madame Roland's canine analogy (The more I see of men, the more I like dogs). And of course, a smattering of colorful insults from Shakespeare, the playwright who practically invented the art of the poetic put-down.

It makes a great gift for any bibliophile or friend who enjoys acerbic wit.

Grab your literary insults chart here.

#9: Bananagrams

Writers love word games. Or, at least, most of them do. But instead of getting the writer in your life yet another Scrabble board, try out Bananagrams instead.


Bananagrams is an anagram game similar to Scrabble, but you don't need a board, pen, or paper, which makes it perfect for bringing on the go. If you (or the other writer in your life) love a little competition, look no further than Bananagrams.

Grab your game here.

#10: AquaNotes

You know how the best ideas come to you in the shower? Well, with AquaNotes, you no longer have to worry about forgetting that thought while you finish your grooming routine or injuring yourself as you try to grab the nearest notebook to scribble down your thoughts.


AquaNotes is a waterproof writing pad. Simply stick it to the wall of the shower and let the inspiration flow. This gift makes a great stocking stuffer for the writer in your life.

Check them out now.

What are your favorite presents for writers? Or if you are a writer, what's the best writing present you have ever received? Tell us in the comments.

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