Diction Report

Diction Report

ProWritingAid's Diction Report identifies awkwardly constructed sentences so you can reword them and make them easier to understand. It also highlights vague and abstract words that you can replace to make your writing more clear.

Here are some best practices that we cover in the Diction Report:

Less Is More

When it comes to writing, make every word count. Many writers often choose complicated or lengthy sentence structures when a shorter one would be more effective. Here are some common corrections recommended in the Diction Report:

  • for the reason that ➡ because

  • in close proximity to ➡ near

  • it is our opinion that ➡ we think

  • serves the function of being ➡ is

Be Specific

Vague words create an unclear picture for your readers. Did you describe your protagonist as a beautiful woman? Beautiful is subjective: it means different things to different people. Use specific adjectives and phrases to be more clear.