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How can I fix grammar mistakes in my writing?

How can I fix grammar mistakes in my writing?

Aim for a Grammar Score of 100%. Grammar mistakes make your work look unprofessional and can interfere with your audience’s understanding of what you’re trying to say.

The Grammar Report checks for thousands of mistakes, from simple rules like subject-verb agreement to more complex and less common rules like using the word “allows” with a gerund. Here are a few of the mistakes highlighted in the Grammar Report:

  • confused words, such as “adverse” and “averse”
  • incorrect use of superlatives
  • incorrect ending punctuation
  • comma splices
  • missing commas
  • confused indefinite articles

    Improving your grammar score will improve the credibility of your writing.

How to Accept a Grammar Suggestion

When you run the Grammar Report, you’ll receive a list of the errors in your document. Clicking into each error will give you an explanation of the rule, as well as options to fix it.

Some errors may have multiple suggestions; others will have only one. If there isn’t a suggestion, you can manually fix the error.

Accept a grammar suggestion

What If I Don’t Want to Accept a Grammar Suggestion?

Maybe the Grammar Report has highlighted a grammar suggestion in a piece of dialogue. Maybe it has highlighted a rule that you purposefully want to ignore. Whatever the case, you have control over accepting suggestions or even eliminating rules that don’t make sense for your writing.

When the Grammar Report makes a suggestion, you can click “Ignore” to skip that suggestion. “Ignore” removes the suggestion one time. It’ll still be marked if you run the report again. If you’d like to eliminate the suggestion for good, you can hit “Disable Rule” to stop the Grammar Report from checking that particular rule again. The “Disable Rule” option will work across all documents in your account.

Ignore grammar suggestion

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