Confused Words

Confused Words

Here I added some examples extracted from a corpus of the most frequent word pairs. I copy-pasted them in the web editor to make sure we actually cover these.

In the other hand, he saw a long gleam of steel. confnin_on in On

On Cambodia it could not support American policies, however much importance it attached to its ties with Washington. confnon_in on In

The imminence of rain scented five miles away on the nostrils of Storm, the African weather princess. confnon_in on in

We must assume, therefore, that Mary Watson was one out in the date as well as the month. confnon_in in on

Gerry saw Soro pounding his fists on the air and realised that they had raised a protective shield about them—an impenetrable barrier. confnon_in on in

Paige was quiet the whole time Brendan loaded her Jeep onto the truck. confnonto_into onto into

The thought that seven, possibly eight generations, had been born since our departure; confnthe_he the He

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