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How to Eliminate Spam from Your Emails

How to Eliminate Spam from Your Emails

Most inboxes contain filters that automatically send emails to the spam box if they contain certain words and phrases. By avoiding these words and phrases, you increase the chance your email will appear in your customer’s inbox.

To have the best chance of avoiding spam filters, we recommend aiming for zero spam phrases in your writing.

What Do Spam Filters Check For?

Spam filters check for things like:

  • Promotional words and phrases
  • Emails without an unsubscribe button
  • Broken links or links to sketchy websites
  • Excessive uppercase letters

    The best way to ensure your email doesn’t end up in spam box is to double-check your links and make sure you’ve eliminated all spam words and phrases from your writing.

While there isn’t a definitive list of all the phrases that trigger spam filters, here are some categories to avoid:

  • Words and phrases that make exaggerated claims and promises, like "fast cash" or "risk-free"
  • Words and phrases that push urgency, like "this won’t last" or "act fast"
  • Words and phrases that may contain unethical behavior, like "meet singles" or "no obligation"

Having your email marked as spam can affect more than just the deliverability of that one email. Repeated spam flags can negatively impact your domain’s reputation, which will affect your email deliverability long term. It’s better to avoid spam phrases completely than risk adverse consequences.

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