Writing Techniques Style Improvements Fix Grammar, Style, and Spelling Mistakes in Your Writing

Fix Grammar, Style, and Spelling Mistakes in Your Writing

Fix Grammar, Style, and Spelling Mistakes in Your Writing

Having grammar or spelling mistakes in your writing can make your work look unprofessional. These mistakes can even interfere with your audience’s understanding of what you’re trying to communicate. Likewise, your writing can have no spelling or grammar mistakes but still be awkward, hard to read, and in need of style improvements.

By accepting the grammar, style, and spelling suggestions from ProWritingAid, you'll make sure your writing is reader-ready. Aim for a score of 80-100% to achieve your Grammar/Spelling/Style goal.

What ProWritingAid Checks in Your Writing

ProWritingAid's reports analyze your writing for thousands of improvements related to grammar, style, and spelling. ProWritingAid checks for simple grammar rules like subject-verb agreement as well as more complex rules like using the word “allows” with a gerund. Here are a few of the mistakes you might see highlighted from the Grammar Report:

  • confused words, such as “adverse” and “averse”
  • incorrect use of superlatives
  • incorrect ending punctuation
  • comma splices
  • missing commas
  • confused indefinite articles

The Style Report checks for issues like passive voice, high readability, awkward phrasing, hidden verbs, and more. While these improvements aren't always grammatically incorrect, they can make your writing more difficult and clunky. By making these style improvements, your writing will be more effective for your readers.

ProWritingAid's spelling suggestions help you catch misspelled words, saving you from embarrassing mistakes. You can customize ProWritingAid based on your region, so you'll see relevant suggestions related to American, British, Canadian, and Australian English.

What If ProWritingAid Is Incorrectly Flagging a Word as Misspelled?

Sometimes, ProWritingAid will flag a word as misspelled when it's actually spelled correctly. This word might be a word you made up, like a brand or character name, or an uncommon word. Clicking the "Add to Dictionary" button adds the word to your dictionary so it's no longer flagged as incorrect.