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How to Link Your Company to Your Customers

How to Link Your Company to Your Customers

A successful email creates a link between company and customer by clearly describing how "we" (the company) can benefit "you" (the customer). By using sentences that link "we" with "you," you’ll establish your company as essential to your customer.

Linking your company to the customer proves that your company understands and prioritizes their needs.

Create Links By Keeping the Focus on the Customer

Frame everything that you describe in terms of the customer. How will it benefit them? How will it solve their pain points? Show them you understand their needs and have a solution for them.

Worried that you'll lose customers if you're too specific? Not so!

Why a Specific Promise Is Better Than A Generic One

Customers don’t expect you to solve all of their problems. In fact, they’d probably find it suspicious if you said you could. When creating "we-you" sentences, be as specific as possible. Consider the following examples:

  • Example One: We can help your company get tons of inbound leads to boost sales.
  • Example Two: We can help you optimize your search engine rankings to drive organic traffic.

In the first example, the promise is too big and generic. The second example addresses a clear pain point with a specific solution. While it’s tempting to want to make big promises to your customers, smaller, discrete promises are more effective.

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