Optimal Email Word Count

Optimal Email Word Count

The ideal email length is between 60 and 110 words. While that might seem short, research has shown that emails of this length average the best response rates from customers. Prioritizing concise messaging with simple language helps ensure your email will be successful.

Your customers are busy. If your email is too long, they’ll disengage. If your email is too short, you’ll risk not including enough information. By aiming for a length of 60 to 110 words, you’ll be able to highlight your key points in a quick, customer-friendly manner.

With such a limited word count, how do you ensure your email is as effective as possible?

#1: Prioritize Simple Words

Your job when writing an email is to get your message across quickly and clearly. Email is not the place to show off your fancy vocabulary. Be economical in your word choice by using simple words that everyone can understand.

Research suggests aiming for a third-grade reading level when writing customer-focused emails. Simple, easy-to-understand, and informal language wins out over stilted academic terms.

#2: Use Formatting

Most customers only give an email a few seconds of their time. By using formatting like bolding and bulleted lists, you can draw their attention to the important points of your email. That way, they can understand your key messages in one quick glance.

#3: Include a Quick and Clear CTA

A short and sweet call-to-action (CTA) is one of the essential parts of your email copy. Depending on the goal of your email, your CTA may vary. You may ask your customers to reply to your email or to download a freebie.

Whatever the ask, your CTA should be five words or fewer and spell out the action as clearly as possible. That way, your customers know exactly what to do after finishing your email.

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