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How to Write a Customer-Focused Email

How to Write a Customer-Focused Email

Good writing prioritizes the customer over the company. If you spend too much time describing the features of your product or service, instead of focusing on your customers’ needs, your writing will appear overly promotional. Aim for 60% or more of your language to be customer-focused.

Adding more "you" references into your copy will let your customers know you’re thinking about them. They’ll be more likely to see your company as an asset to them, rather than as a nuisance trying to sell them something they don’t need or care about. Your customer cares about how your work will benefit them—so help them make that connection with your copy. Your email should focus on how your company serves your customer's needs, rather than bragging about all the great work your company has done.

Here’s another tip for keeping your writing customer-focused:

Share Their Perspective

Aim to talk about your customer at least twice as much as you talk about your company. That means that when you’re answering the question, "So what?", you’re describing the benefit how they will experience it.

Consider the following examples:

  • Example One: We've created a new feature that enables easy sharing of grocery lists between household members.
  • Example Two: With the touch of a button, you can share your real-time grocery lists with the other people in your household.

The second example helps the customer picture what using your product and service will mean for them.

Here's another example:

At Stellar Company, our goal is to make teamwork work for all types of businesses. We want to bring together our ideas, skills, and resources to make projects happen. With our framework, we can break the barriers of traditional team settings and institutions to help get more done faster.

While it's great that Stellar Company is so proud of its achievements, this messaging doesn't focus on the customer at all. It's solely focused on what Stellar Company does, rather than how Stellar Company's features can benefit customers. Here's how to rewrite this message to make it customer-focused:

By partnering with Stellar Company, you'll get the resources and training you need to create cohesion for your team. You can use our databases and pre-loaded project plan templates to make your next project seamless and easy.

By making your writing customer-focused, you show your potential customers why your products and services are so valuable.

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