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Don’t be Afraid to Spend a Little Money Investing in Your Writing

Invest in Your Writing Career

Writers spend a lot of energy perfecting their craft and sometimes this means doing more than just writing.

If you are an aspiring writer, chances are you’ve read the same advice from countless productivity blogs on how to become a better writer such as keeping a journal, writing each day, and minimizing distractions. However, there’s one piece of advice I’ve yet to hear and I think is very helpful to embrace: don’t fear investing money into your writing.

For a long time, I had resisted spending any money on my writing. I’ve always been one to maximize open source software and free online resource guides to the point of not typically considering spending even a single dollar on any product or service. Eventually, however, I decided to take my writing career more seriously and realized that to make a success of it, I would need to start thinking like the CEO of a business."

With that newfound ethos, I also realized that one thing every successful business faces in the beginning stages are start-up costs. No different from a food truck, mobile app, or a consulting service, I came to terms with accepting I would need to spend a little more beyond a simple website to help my support my writing.

  1. Have a marketing budget
  2. Use the best tools.
  3. Train yourself.

Have a marketing budget

I came from the world of marketing and I’ve seen first hand how effective the right marketing campaign can be for a business. Many freelance writers seem to consider marketing a frivolous expense that’s better suited for large companies, not independent contractors. This is a shortsighted way of thinking about marketing, especially because social media advertising has evolved in ways that makes advertising much more accessible for everyone.

Through major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google, you can customize marketing campaigns to have a razor sharp focus on the message you are trying to share with others all within a budget that works for you.

Whether it’s gaining meaningful follows, getting an article you wrote more views, or just getting your name out, even a campaign with a modest budget can bolster your brand.

Use the best tools.

There are many writing apps you can use for free that can improve your writing. Even better though is spending a few dollars on a subscription or premium version of what you already use regularly.

Of course ProWritingAid’s Premium Version warrants recognition here but most writing apps have enhanced features that will improve your writing process, such as unlimited word counts and integrations for your favorite writing platforms. To shut yourself out from these useful features all to avoid spending the costs of a few cups of coffee doesn’t make sense. When you get accustomed to using something for free it can be hard to talk yourself into spending money on it, but if you get a lot of use out of the free version of something, chances are you can benefit from the paid features as well.

Train yourself.

Professional training is an essential investment. In 2017, it’s no longer necessary to commute to a school in order to receive career building training. Online training is effective and offers a world of resources that can help you learn new skills.

Even LinkedIn offers a variety of training programs that you can receive valid certification on so if there is a skill you want to learn or a program you want to master, it’s not difficult to find. YouTube has its own variety of “How To” videos that you can watch for free, but if you really want to learn something it’s best to spend a little money on it. That way it ensures you that you’ll take the learning seriously and not want to waste the time, money, and energy spent training.

Sometimes we don’t realize just how much we’ve conditioned ourselves to resist spending money. Part of being a disciplined and responsible writer is knowing when to take advantage of things that help your process.

If you believe in yourself, then back it up by investing in yourself.

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