The Grammar Guide Compound Words: Everything You Need to Know Photoshoot vs. Photo Shoot: Is One Word or Two Correct?

Photoshoot vs. Photo Shoot: Is One Word or Two Correct?

Photoshoot vs. Photo Shoot: Is One Word or Two Correct?

Lights. Cameras. Strike a pose!

Whether you’re the photographer or the portrait subject, a photo shooting session can be a lot of fun. But you might wonder exactly how to spell what you’re doing. Is photoshoot or photo shoot correct?

Both photo shoot and photo shoot are correct spellings, but the latter is more common.

We’re zooming in on the differences between photoshoot and photo shoot and telling you everything you need to know about how to use them in your writing.

Photoshoot or Photo Shoot: Which Is Correct?

Both photo shoot and photoshoot are considered correct spellings of this compound word. However, the two-word spelling is more widely accepted than the one word version. While the single word spelling isn’t wrong, photo shoot is accepted by more publications.

Photo shoot vs. photoshoot explanation

Whether you spell it with one word or two words, the meaning is the same. A photo shoot is a photography session where a photographer, often a professional one, takes photos of people or things.

Photo shoots might be for individual people document milestones or special events, like family photos, weddings, and maternity shoots.

A model or celebrity might have a photo shoot in a studio. Products can also be the subjects of photo shoots.

Photo shoot definition

When to Use Photoshoot vs. Photo Shoot

When you’re deciding whether to use photoshoot or photo shoot, the most important thing to know is your style guide. If you’re writing for a company or a specific publication, check their requirements.

photo shoot tip

The Associated Press, or AP, style requires the spelling photo shoot. Many publications use the AP style guide, not just journalistic publications.

If you aren’t sure which form to use in business writing, ask the editor or person managing content at your company. If you’re a student, ask a professor.

When all else fails, and you can’t find a clear answer, it’s better to err on the side of caution and go with the two-word form.

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According to Google Ngram Viewer, which tracks word usage across centuries, photo shoot is much more common than photoshoot. Photoshoot as one word didn’t really show up until the 1980s, and it’s still not common.

Photo shoot in google ngram viewer

Be consistent with your word choice. Whether you call it a photoshoot, photo shoot, or something completely different, use the same form throughout your writing. ProWritingAid’s Consistency Report can help you check for consistent spelling in your documents.

Examples of Photoshoot and Photo Shoot

Here are some example sentences using photoshoot and photo shoot.

Photo shoot vs. Photoshoot in a sentence

  • The pictures from the photo shoot came out great!
  • I can’t believe my camera broke right before our photoshoot.
  • The light is perfect in this spot for a photo shoot.
  • We have a photoshoot for our new website tomorrow.
  • The models attended the photo shoot for the new denim line.
  • Our photoshoot package includes a 20 photo online gallery.

In summary, both photoshoot and photo shoot are correct, but photo shoot is the more widely accepted spelling.

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