The Grammar Guide Spelling What is the difference between "dose" and "does"?

What is the difference between "dose" and "does"?

What is the difference between "dose" and "does"?

The words dose and does are often confused because it's easy to type them incorrectly. Do you know the difference?

Does is the third person form of the verb "do", e.g. He does this every morning.

A doe is also a female deer, so does can be the plural form of this noun.

Dose means "a measured portion of medicine taken at any one time" when used as a noun, e.g. Take one dose every four hours.

Out of the two words, does is the most common. It appears about 19 times more frequently than dose.

Some synonyms of dose are: drug, medicine.

Some synonyms of does are: executes, finishes, completes, operates.

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The definitions in this article were adapted from Wiktionary.

Examples of dose in a sentence

Seven-minute dose.
- Wastelands by John Joseph Adams
At the Beer-Hall he was likely to find a healthy dose of all of the above.
- Games of State by Tom Clancy; Steve Pieczenik
This being her first real dose of the big leagues of law, the poor girl seemed shell-shocked.
- The Kingmaker by Brian Haig
Dose is police-houns-Pinschers dey's called.
- Doctor No by Ian Fleming
But I shall dose them;
- Post Captain by Patrick O'Brian

Examples of does in a sentence

This does not make her morbid;
- The collected poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson; Rachel Wetzsteon
Of course, it does not require the same degree of proof that a criminal case does.”
- Weighed in the balance by Anne Perry
He doesn't need money.
- Cropper's cabin by Jim Thompson
He repeated himself, “By whose leave does your lord break curfew?”
- The Rise and Fall of a Dragonking by Lynn Abbey
We might even be able to get there before Zandramas does."
- Demon Lord of Karanda by David Eddings

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