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The Grammar GuideSpellingWhat is the difference between "assent" and "ascent"?

What is the difference between "assent" and "ascent"?

What is the difference between "assent" and "ascent"?

Assent and ascent are homophones, and once you learn their different definitions, you'll have a better grasp of when to use them in a sentence.

Assent is a noun meaning agreement or acquiescence. e.g. She gave her assent to the decision to merge the companies in the next year. Assent can also be used as a verb meaning 'agree with something'. e.g. Sometimes when you say or do nothing in the face of racism, you assent to it.

Ascent is a noun meaning 'the act of rising up'. e.g. The ascent to the peak was steep, and we were panting by the time we reached the top.

The verb for ascent is 'ascend'. e.g. As the popularity of the politician continues to ascend, his opponent becomes more frightened.

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