The Grammar Guide Spelling Should I use "highlight", "high-light", or "high light"?

Should I use "highlight", "high-light", or "high light"?

Should I use "highlight", "high-light", or "high light"?

Highlight as a noun means "the outstanding or remarkable part of an event". It can also mean "a bright part of a picture or image". As a verb it means "to call special attention to".

Highlight is the correct term. "High-light", "high-lights", "high-lighting", and "high-lighted" are always incorrect.

There are some very rare occasions where you might use high light, but only to describe a light that is situated in a high position, e.g. The room was dimly lit by the high light he had placed in the rafters.

Examples of highlight in a sentence

Bingo had been the highlight of the week.
- The One-Week Job Project: One Man, One Year, 52 Jobs by Sean Aiken
A small scar, a slight blemish on your great beauty, it will only highlight perfection.
- My Dead Body by Charlie Huston
She's the highlight of the show."
- Goodbye Dolly by Deb Baker
I figured Portia didn’t want to highlight anything about her resident freak.
- Norway to Hide: A Passport to Peril Mystery by Maddy Hunter