The Grammar GuideSpellingShould I use "albeit" or "all be it"?

Should I use "albeit" or "all be it"?

Should I use "albeit" or "all be it"?

Albeit is a word that means "although", e.g. The actor appeared in all of the shows, albeit briefly.

All be it is sometimes used in error and is always incorrect.

Dictionary Definition of albeit

Examples of albeit in a sentence

It had become assimilated, albeit in faint outline, into the person she was;
- Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks
We want to be the first country in the new Europe, albeit with some American support."
- Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks
I forge on, albeit with a creeping certainty that Todd is, in fact, an android.
- The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins
It made Kate flinch too, albeit for different reasons.
- A deeper sleep by Dana Stabenow

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