The Grammar GuideSpellingShould I use "textbook" or "text book"?

Should I use "textbook" or "text book"?

Should I use "textbook" or "text book"?

Textbook is always correct. Text book is incorrectly used by people instead of the compound word 'textbook'. The plural form is 'textbooks'.

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Examples of textbook in a sentence

And they're also in a pretty standard textbook order."
- Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton
He looked up from where he was torturing a page of his textbook.
- A deeper sleep by Dana Stabenow
From what I remember, the Manson case was textbook disorganized crime.
- Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong
Textbook asshole.He smiles.--Ever
- My Dead Body by Charlie Huston