WriterTok: What Is It?

Krystal N. Craiker

Krystal N. Craiker

Blog Manager and Indie Author

Published Aug 14, 2022


TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform. In fact, it was the most downloaded app of 2021 and is on track to hit that record again in 2022.

It’s no surprise that readers and writers alike are flocking to the social media app, and in particular, the WriterTok community. WriterTok is a subset of content creators who share videos about writing.

Here’s everything you need to know about WriterTok and how you can use it to promote your writing.

  1. What Is WriterTok?
  2. Is TikTok Good for Writers?
  3. How Do Writers Use TikTok?

What Is WriterTok?

Within the TikTok app, there are communities that are identified by hashtags. These communities include MomTok, MoneyTok, and WitchTok.

what is writertok?

WriterTok is a group of TikTok creators who are published authors and aspiring authors. They share funny videos about writing problems, advice about the writing process and publishing process, writing prompts, and more.

WriterTok’s fast-growing community creates writing-themed content for other writers and for their readers. It can be a valuable resource for connecting with other people in the industry.

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Is TikTok Good for Writers?

TikTok is the hottest social media app right now, and there’s no indication that this is changing anytime soon. It is expected to hit 1.5 billion monthly active users by the end of 2022. The US alone has 138 million monthly active users.

tiktok statistics

As well as offering an endless supply of viral dance videos, TikTok is an excellent, free tool to connect with people who love to read and write books. It offers a large, captive audience for writers to share their writing with.

WriterTok is just one niche community. It’s a great way to network with other people who understand the struggles of writing, and it’s an invaluable learning resource. WriterTok videos can help you learn new skills and hone the ones you already have.

The best community on the app for novel writers is BookTok. BookTok is a community of readers. If you write books, this is where you’ll find your target audience.

booktok and writertok compared

Is TikTok Good for Poets?

Novel writers aren’t the only writers out there. TikTok can be a great place for poets too.

The hashtag #poetry has over 36 billion views. Yes, billion! TikTok allows poets to share their poems and reach a much wider audience. People who never thought they were into poetry now watch poetry videos on the app.

There are several more popular hashtags you can search to find talented poets or post your own works:

  • PoetryTikTok (250 million+ views)
  • Poem (3 billion+ views)
  • Poems (780 million+ views)
  • PoetryTok (499 million+ views)
  • Poet (1.4 billion+ views)
  • PoetryLover (1.9 billion+ views)
  • Poets (29 million+ views)
  • PoetTok (59 million+ views)

Poets often share their poetry in videos with pretty music and aesthetic background images.

The best tiktok hashtags for poets

How Do Writers Use TikTok?

Writers use TikTok to create videos about their writing process or the field of writing in general. Sometimes trends emerge within WriterTok, so you’ll see many authors making similar videos.

Some TikTok creators will share writing prompts. Prompts can help push your creativity to new heights. If you aren’t ready to make TikTok videos just yet, try using some of the writing prompts to improve your skills.

Writing advice videos are also popular. TikTok videos can make writing advice feel less sterile and more personal than just reading a book on the craft.

You can meet some amazing, supportive writers through WriterTok. You can start building a community by commenting on other people’s videos and regularly engaging with their content.

It’s also a great way to interact directly with your readers. Respond to their comments and messages when possible to help build a loyal fanbase.

tiktok tip for networking with writers and readers

WriterTok Post Ideas

Creating TikTok videos can be intimidating at first. Spend some time getting familiar with the app and the writing and reading communities. See what sort of content performs well.

If you’re stuck, here are a few writing ideas you could post on your TikTok account:

WriterTok video ideas list

TikTok doesn’t have to be scary. Start by seeing what’s out there. When you do start making videos, they don’t need to be elaborate. Simple is okay at first—you’ll improve and find your own video style with time and practice.

But don’t overlook the value of this social media app. It’s a free tool that can bring you book marketing success and connect you with a powerful community of writers and readers.

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Krystal N. Craiker

Krystal N. Craiker

Blog Manager and Indie Author

Krystal N. Craiker is the Writing Pirate, an indie romance author and blog manager at ProWritingAid. She sails the seven internet seas, breaking tropes and bending genres. She has a background in anthropology and education, which brings fresh perspectives to her romance novels. When she’s not daydreaming about her next book or article, you can find her cooking gourmet gluten-free cuisine, laughing at memes, and playing board games. Krystal lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, child, and basset hound. Check out her website or follow her on Instagram: @krystalncraikerauthor.

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Hello, all of this seems so exciting yet a bit overwhelming for a newbie writer, in my opinion. I mean, there's just so much information out there on how to get started that I began tripping over the starting point. I'm so swamped with information that I can't even write. Huston, we have a problem! Still, this is vital information and worthy of my attention, but do I really need to join a community or just write? That's my dilemma, Help?
Thank you for your comment! No worries - joining communities on social media isn't for everyone! While they might be a good way to make connections, they won't do you any good if looking at them makes your head spin. This is one of those situations where you must do what feels right to you! :)

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