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New ProWritingAid Feature: Edit Your Dictionary!

Kyle A. Massa

Kyle A. Massa

Speculative Fiction Author

Published May 27, 2019

ProWritingAid dictionary

Want to edit the words in your ProWritingAid dictionary? Now you can!

This is one of our most-requested features and we're happy to deliver it to you. In this article, we'll show you how it works, where to find it, and why it's so awesome. Let's begin.

  1. What's Changed?
  2. How It Works
  3. Enjoy!

What's Changed?

When you write with ProWritingAid, you'll often see boxes like these:


In the old days, when you clicked "Add to my dictionary" the app would do just that. However, you wouldn't be able to see or edit words in said dictionary. Those days have changed.

How It Works

In the web editor, open a new document, then select "Menu." You'll see a new item in the drop-down menu.


Click that button to open up this fantastic screen:


Welcome to your dictionary. Type any word on the line, then click the green "plus" icon to add it to your dictionary. Words that you've already added with the "add to my dictionary" command will appear here as well.

If you'd like to delete any words, you can do so by clicking the check box next to the word, then "Delete selected." You can also use the search bar in the top-right corner to search the entire dictionary.

But the dictionary isn't only available on the web app. Here are a few other places you can find it...

The Browser Extensions

Whether you're using the Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser extensions, you can find your dictionary. Here's how.

Start by clicking the ProWritingAid icon on your browser toolbar. You'll see a menu like this:


Click that new button labeled "Edit my dictionary" and edit away.

You'll notice that no matter what version of ProWritingAid you use, your dictionary will stay consistent across all of them. So if you add a word on the web app and then open the Chrome extension, you'll have the same dictionary on both. Pretty neat!

The Desktop App

The Desktop App is my favorite version of ProWritingAid, so I'm happy to see the feature here. Simply click "Tools," then "Edit My Dictionary." Check it out below:



We're already enjoying this new feature. We hope you do, too!

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Kyle A. Massa

Kyle A. Massa

Speculative Fiction Author

Kyle A. Massa is the author of the short fiction collection Monsters at Dusk and the novel Gerald Barkley Rocks. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and their two cats. Learn more about Kyle and his work at his website,

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Thanks for pointing the feature out, Kyle. One tweak it would be nice to see is an alpha sort option for the view. I noticed some duplicates for example, as well as some singular and plural versions that would easier to see it an alpha sort.
Am I missing something? I use the PWA add-in for MS Word in Windows. The Grammar Check has never allowed me to add words to a dictionary, and still doesn't. (There are lots of these because of character/place names in my fantasy writing.) I wonder if I'm missing something because my screen never looks like your screenshots.
I am unable to add special words (very specific to my scientific writing) to dictionary. Could you please guide me how to do this?

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