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ProWritingAid versus Autocrit

ProWritingAid vs Autocrit

We compare ProWritingAid and Autocrit below according to a number of criteria.

  1. Cost
  2. Free Version
  3. Integrations
  4. Number of Writing Reports
  5. Autocrit
  6. Take Aways


ProWritingAid Premium

$3.33/month ($40 annually, or less if you purchase a longer license)


$29.97/month ($359.64 annually)

That’s a big difference. But don’t let ProWritingAid’s low cost fool you into thinking it’s not as comprehensive! Keep reading.

Free Version

Both ProWritingAid and Autocrit offer some analysis for free.


Input your text into their free version and you will get an analysis of your adverb usage, including a list of those that you are using too frequently.


You get access to every ProWritingAid report, including the Grammar Report, Style Report, Repetition Report, Sticky Sentence Report, Overused Words Report, Sentence Length Report, Readability Report and many more. The free version does, however, have a word count limit, whereas Premium users do not have a limit.



Autocrit is an online editing tool and must be used within your internet browser.


ProWritingAid Premium users can use ProWritingAid in several ways.

  • The desktop version allows users to open, edit and save a wide variety of files including Scrivener, MS Word, Open Office, RTF, HTML, and markdown. In this way you don’t lose formatting by cutting and pasting into an online tool.

  • We offer add-ins for both MS Word and Google Docs so that you can edit in your favorite platform.

  • You can use ProWritingAid as a Chrome extension so that you can edit on any website, including your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more.

Number of Writing Reports


ProWritingAid offers the following reports as standard in both the free and paid versions:


Autocrit offers the following reports as part of their paid subscription

  • Dialogue
  • Strong Writing
  • Word Choice
  • Repedition
  • Compare to Fiction
  • Pacing and Momentum

Take Aways

We think it's pretty clear that ProWritingAid offers a lot more value for money: twice as many writing reports at a fraction of the cost. We haven't even mentioned some of the other free features such as the Word Explorer, Summary Report and Contextual Thesaurus. Just give it a try and see for yourself.

Any other questions? Get in touch at hello@prowritingaid.com

Or click here to take ProWritingAid for a spin now.

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