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The new version of ProWritingAid has some amazing new features to check out:

1. Use Word Explorer to make semantic leaps

Our new Word Explorer allows you to find inspiration and build new ideas based around the words that are already in your text. Choose a key word from your document and use the Word Explorer to find alliterations, synonyms, rhymes, collocations, anagrams, phrases containing your word, clichés that use it, famous quotes that include it, and more.

As an example, say you're struggling to come up with the name of the quirky soup shop your hero runs. First you might explore words that alliterate with soup: saucy soups, satisfying soups, super soups. Hmm, some good ideas there but you don't think you've quite hit the nail on the head. You check synonyms for soups: gruel, chowder, broth. "Cruel gruel" leaps to mind, but again, it's not quite right. A look at the clichés section shows some great ideas, and it's here that you find your winner: Take My Broth Away.

Word Explorer

2. Detailed readability analysis

ProWritingAid can now assess the readability of your text using some of the most popular readability scoring systems out there, including The Flesch Reading Ease Score, The Coleman-Liau Formula, The Automated Readability Index and The Dale-Chall Grade. The report provides an overall readability score for your full document. It also gives you a readability score for each paragraph so that you can easily zero in on those passages that could benefit from some tightening up.

Read more about readability scores here.

Readability Reports

3. Run reports on a selection of text

In the past, you needed to run each report on your full document, which was sometimes a bit slow. Now, you can focus on just one section at a time, increasing the report's speed and reducing distractions. Just select your text and click on the report you want.

4. Summary Report

You may have used this feature in the Google add-on over the last few months. The Summary Report provides an overview of your document and the key points that you should focus on to improve it. It also gives you an idea of how you are doing in each area compared to other ProWritingAid users.

Summary Reports

5. Contextual Thesaurus for any word

Double-click on any word in the editor and it will show you a short list of synonyms that work in the same context. This is great for quickly playing with vocabulary. If you want even more synonyms, you can go straight from there to the Word Explorer.

Contextual Thesaurus

6. Easy navigation from the summary pane

Now you can easily navigate from the summary pane to highlights in the text. You can even accept the suggestions directly from the summary pane for speed of editing.

Easier navigation

7. Learn as you edit

We’ve added hundreds of detailed explanations that will help you better understand our suggestions and improve your writing in the future.

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  • elizabethlampe51 says
    Posted On Oct 24, 2016 | 09:11
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  • DavidFB says
    Sounds great! When will the installer version be updated with these features?
    Posted On Nov 23, 2016 | 09:46
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  • eg.gardenlady says
    If this is only for Ms Word, i can't use it.
    Posted On Nov 25, 2016 | 03:35
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