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If you haven’t used a Word add-in before, it’s very simple. You just need to download a small bit of software, which will then be automatically added to your menu in Word.

Click here and then click the “Download Pro Writing Aid Add-in” button. A small file called ProWritingAidSetup.exe will begin to download. When it’s finished downloading, click it and a window will open asking you to agree to the license terms and conditions. Once you click the “agree” box, you will be able to begin installing.

You may be asked once again to agree to let our app make changes to your computer. Please click yes.

When you open Word the next time, there should be a new set of buttons in the top right corner that look like this (see circled in red):

How to use the Word Add-in

This may vary slightly depending on the version of Word that you are using. If you cannot see it, click on the “add-ins” menu at the top of your screen and you should be able to see it there.

The buttons on the menu will be as follows:

How to use the Word Add-in

When you click on the magic wand, you will be presented with a list of potential reports to run. If you hover your cursor over each report title, you will see a short description of each.

How to use the Word Add-in

Clicking “full analysis” will run all of the reports at the same time, which is useful but may take a long time depending on the size of your document. You may be better to run individual reports one at a time.

Alternatively, you can run an overview report which gives you some of the key metrics for the document. This will help you home in on the areas where your document might need work.

How to use the Word Add-in

I selected the “Writing Style Report” below.

How to use the Word Add-in

On the left is a map of your document’s structure. It allows you to assess your sentence length variety and see where your issues occur. On the right side is a report summary. It details how many issues of each type were found. When you are ready to begin editing, use the left and right arrows at the top to navigate your document and find each issue. You can then make changes or choose to ignore the suggestion if you think it’s not quite right.

Each report is different and each user has their favorite. Play around with each of them until you find the ones that work best for you.

TOP TIP: Create your own personalized Combo Check, which will allow you to run your favorite reports at the same time. To set it up, go to the settings menu and click Combo Report. Here you will find a full list of reports with tick boxes next to them. Choose your go-to reports, for example, Sticky Sentence Report, Writing Style Report and Vague & Abstract Words Report. This will speed up your analysis and help you to stay focused.

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