Blog Grammar Rules GTS Meaning: What Does It Mean and Stand For?

GTS Meaning: What Does It Mean and Stand For?

Hannah Yang

Hannah Yang

Speculative Fiction Author

Published Jun 15, 2022

GTS Title

In the modern world, we use more acronyms and initialisms than ever before. You’ll need to know what these abbreviations mean both in professional settings and in daily life.

One initialism you might see these days is GTS, which most commonly stands for “Going to Sleep.”

Read on to learn more about what GTS means and how to use it.

  1. What Does GTS Stand For?
  2. GTS Definition and Meaning
  3. Examples of GTS Used in Sentences
  4. What Are the Other Meanings of GTS?

What Does GTS Stand For?

The full form of GTS is “Going to Sleep.”

When you say this initialism aloud, you should pronounce each initial individually: “gee-tee-ess,” not “jeets.”

GTS Definition and Meaning

So what does the abbreviation GTS mean?

GTS is a slang term that people use to tell someone they’re about to go to sleep.

GTS Definition

You’ll often see this initialism used when someone is ending a text or social media conversation.

It’s a quick, simple way to say “Let’s stop talking until the morning because I’m tired and it’s time for me to go to bed.”

For example, if you’ve been texting someone, and it’s getting late, you might write “GTS” to let them know you won’t respond again until morning.

That way, they won’t think you’ve stopped texting for no reason, and you can pick the conversation up again later.

Because it’s a slang term, you should only use “GTS” in informal situations, such as when texting friends or family. Steer clear of using it with your colleagues or employers, unless you know them well.

Does GTS Mean the Same Thing in Text, Snapchat, and Other Social Media?

GTS is a common piece of internet slang. It doesn’t matter which website you’re on; GTS will normally mean the same thing.

For example, someone might use GTS in a text to mean they’re done texting for the day, while a Snapchat user might use GTS to mean they’re going to stop sending photos for the day.

In fact, the term GTS was even used on AOL’s Instant Messenger (AIM), all the way back in 1997.

GTS became much more popular when people started texting on their cell phones, and it eventually spread to all social media platforms.

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Examples of GTS Used in Sentences

Let’s look at some examples of how you might use GTS in a conversation.

These example conversations would probably occur over text or some other digital messaging platform, since GTS is a digital abbreviation, rather than one said aloud.

Example 1

Person A: “We’re still going to have breakfast tomorrow, right?”

Person B: “Oh yeah. What time were you thinking?”

Person A: “How about 7am sharp?”

Person B: “That works. That’s pretty early so I should GTS.”

Person A: “OK, see you at 7.”

Example 2

Anna: “Wow, we’ve been texting for hours. I’ve really enjoyed catching up but I should probably go to bed soon.”

Susan: “Oh yeah, I forgot we live in different time zones. It’s only 8pm for me.”

Anna: “Haha yeah, it’s 1am here!”

Susan: “Yikes. You’d better get to bed!”

Anna: “OK, I’m GTS. Good night!”

Example 3

Noah: “Hey, I need to talk to you about our vacation plans. The hotel we were planning to book is sold out.”

Mateo: “Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, I was excited about that hotel.”

Noah: “Yeah. Is now a good time for a call?”

Mateo: “Wait, don’t call now. It’s late and I’m GTS.”

Noah: “All right, let’s talk about it some other time.”

What Are the Other Meanings of GTS?

GTS can have other meanings depending on the context, however, they are much rarer.

Most people mean “Going to Sleep” when they say GTS, unless they specify something else.

Here are some alternative meanings of GTS:

Alternative GTS Meanings

  • Go to Sleep: A professional wrestling move used to finish off an opponent, made famous by CM Punk in WWE.
  • Going Through Sh*t: A texting initialism that means that someone is going through hard times.
  • Gran Turismo Sport: A 2017 racing video game published for the Sony PlayStation 4.
  • Good Times: A texting initialism used to wrap up a conversation about a nostalgic memory.
  • Google That Sh*t: A texting initialism used to respond to someone who asks a question they could easily look up on their own.
  • Global Trading System: An online platform that allows Pokémon players to trade their characters.
  • Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: A childhood-onset disorder characterized by motor and phonic tics.
  • Ground Transportation Services: Passenger transportation by taxi, bus, car, etc.
  • General Thoracic Surgery: A type of surgery that treats diseases of the chest.

In general, though, just remember GTS stands for “Going to Sleep,” and it’ll most likely be the definition you’re looking for!

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Hannah Yang

Hannah Yang

Speculative Fiction Author

Hannah is a speculative fiction writer who loves all things strange and surreal. She holds a BA from Yale University and lives in Colorado. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her painting watercolors, playing her ukulele, or hiking in the Rockies. Follow her work on or on Twitter at @hannahxyang.

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