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How an Editing Tool Can Help You Get a Better Job


Job hunting is stressful. No matter whether you’re looking for full-time, freelance, or remote work, searching for that next gig is about as fun as taking a test. And though there are plenty of jobs out there for writers, there are always more applicants than openings.

Now that I’ve sufficiently bummed you out, let me present you with a solution. Good writers get good jobs. We know you’re a good writer, so we know you’ll find the right fit. And we know that an editing tool (like ProWritingAid) can help.

But we also know you probably need more convincing than that. If so, read on.

  1. Improve Your Resume
  2. Perfect Your Writing Samples
  3. Get Instant Feedback
  4. In Conclusion

Improve Your Resume

A resume is to an applicant as an advertisement is to a company. Imagine if you saw an ad rife with typos, run-on sentences, and clichés. Would you be inspired to buy anything from that company? My guess is no.

The same goes for your resume. Even a single error could mean the difference between an interview and an empty inbox. This goes double for those applying for writing jobs. Because companies want to make sure that you can actually, you know, write.

An editing tool can preclude mistakes like these from appearing. Scanning your resume and cover letter will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your work and how to fix it.

In terms of ProWritingAid, for example, you’ll benefit from the Readability report. This one highlights difficult sentences that might slow a reader’s progress through your cover letter. That’s essential because hiring managers won’t take the time to decipher your work—they’ll simply move on to the next application. Use an editing tool to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Perfect Your Writing Samples

For writers, your writing samples might be the most important aspect of your application. A great writer could probably still find jobs despite having a boring resume. However, writing samples don’t lie. If they’re bad, you won’t get more writing jobs.

Use an editing tool to ensure all your writing samples are top-notch. For example, the first draft of this post had an extremely chunky first paragraph. If I’d left it there, you probably wouldn’t be reading this sentence right now. Fortunately for me, I scanned this article with ProWritingAid. Thanks for sticking with it!

Get Instant Feedback

Getting feedback on your resume and writing samples is smart. However, when it comes to tight deadlines, waiting on a friend’s reply might not always be an option.

Editing tools are great because you don’t need to email them. You don’t need to wait for them to read your work. And you don’t need to feel bad about bothering them at three in the morning. (Unless you’re dealing with some sort of advanced artificial intelligence editing organism, which sounds kind of scary.) Your editing tool is there whenever you need it.

Freelancers juggling multiple projects will understand this point best. There’s a constant balance between quality and time. If clients want high-quality work, they’ll have to wait for it. If they need a press release in the next 20 minutes, they might need to sacrifice quality. Since editing tools offer instant feedback, this tension can be somewhat mitigated.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the ways editing tools help you find better gigs.

The best way to see what ProWritingAid can do for you is to try it for yourself!

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