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Plot of Gold 30-day Challenge

Plot of Glod 30-day Challenge

Are you ready to create a strong, thorough outline for your novel? Brilliant!

From September to November this year, ProWritingAid has arranged for its community to have FREE access for 30 days to Beemgee's world-class novel-outlining software.

Whether you are preparing for NaNoWriMo or just ready to finally write that book, this 30-day challenge is a crucial step in getting you to the finish line.

Here's how it works:

Over 30 days, we will send you a series of assignments and a deadline for each. You will complete each assignment using your free access to the Beemgee software. We will include detailed explanations, tips and techniques to make sure that you get the most out of each step along the way.

  • Assignment 1: Character Motivations
  • Assignment 2: Plot Events To Show These
  • Assignment 3: Character Transformation
  • Assignment 4: Plot Events to Show This
  • Assignment 5: Story Questions
  • Assignment 6: The Bigger Picture
  • Assignment 7: Narrative, Chronology, Storylines and Story Structure
  • Assignment 8: Motifs, Storylines, and PoV
  • Assignment 9: Characterization
  • Assignment 10: Description and Step Outline

When you have completed all 10 assignments, you will have thought through your narrative, planned out your key plot points, fleshed out your characters, and begun to build your world.

This way, when you begin your writing journey, you will have a detailed roadmap to follow along the way.

  1. Start whenever you are ready, but if you complete your 30-day challenge before Nov 15th, you can submit your outline to win!

Start whenever you are ready, but if you complete your 30-day challenge before Nov 15th, you can submit your outline to win!

First place wins:

  • Beemgee PREMIUM for life and
  • ProWritingAid PREMIUM for life

Second through fifth places each win:

  • One year Beemgee PREMIUM subscription
  • One year ProWritingAid PREMIUM subscription

Ready? Let's get started!

Click here to sign up now.

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