BlogBusiness WritingProWritingAid Presents: Monthly Writing Professor Q&A with A.J. Ogilvie

ProWritingAid Presents: Monthly Writing Professor Q&A with A.J. Ogilvie

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ProWritingAid Presents: Ask a Writing Prof: How to Boost your Business, Studies, or Career in a Practical Way with Exceptional Writing

On the third Tuesday of every month, the ProWritingAid community is invited to join Andrew (A.J.) Ogilvie, PhD, Professor of Business Communication for an in-depth training and Q&A.

A.J. has spent ten years designing and teaching undergraduate and MBA-level writing and communication courses. His primary research interests are writing development, knowledge transfer, and communication curriculum in higher education.

A.J. looks at how exceptional writing can boost your business, studies, or career in a practical way. How can a remarkable cover letter guarantee a job interview? How can written clarity win you more business, delight your customers, and build your reputation?

Monthly Themes

Each session will focus on a specific topic. A.J. will provide actionable training to help build your skills, and he'll invite you to ask questions too.

  • July 21: How to Write a Cold Business Email that will Engage Potential Clients
  • August 18: How (and why) to Stop Zooming and Start Writing to Get Further
  • September 15: How to Write a Persuasive White Paper that will Establish You as an Expert in Your Field
  • October 20: How to Seal the Deal with an Unforgettable Follow Up Email After an Interview
  • November 17: How to Write an Executive Summary that will Pique Your Potential Reader's Interest

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A.J. Ogilvie, PhD

A.J. Ogilvie, PhD, is a professor of business communication at the University of Southern California. He has taught business communication, consulting, and writing courses for over ten years, and has published research on the theories of teaching, learning and communication.

Watch replays of our Monthly Writing Professor Q&A now!

5 Simple Principles for Creating Clarity

How to Write a Winning Executive Summary

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Hayley Milliman
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Hayley is thrilled to be ProWritingAid's Content Lead, as it gives her an excuse to think deeply about words every single day. Prior to joining ProWritingAid, Hayley spent a number of years as an elementary school teacher, which was a crash course in learning how to entertain an indifferent audience. These days, she puts her storytelling skills to use writing blog articles and working on her first novel.

When Hayley isn't hunched over her keyboard, you can find her figure skating at the ice rink or hiking with her dog.

She is the co-author of the book Museum Hack's Guide to History's Fiercest Females (which was an Amazon bestseller) and How to Build Your Author Platform on a Shoestring.

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