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You're Invited to ProWritingAid's Monthly Book Doctor Q&A

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  1. What Does a Book Doctor Do?
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What Does a Book Doctor Do?

A Book Doctor can help you fix common writing issues with plot and characterization; structure; writing techniques such as ‘Show Don’t Tell’; dialogue; narrative voice; adding detail and texture and sub-plotting. Unlike proofreaders and copyeditors, they are looking for the big picture elements of your story—the things that really make it work. They will present you with a detailed, personalized critique of your work so that you can get to work preparing your manuscript for further editing and querying.

Find out more about what a Book Doctor does from our resident Book Doctor, Sally O-J:

When Should I Contact a Book Doctor?

Book Doctors are there to help with the broader thematic, structural or tonal problems in your story. It's important to send them a manuscript that is as polished as possible in order to get the most insightful feedback. If your Book Doctor is spending time fighting through grammar and spelling mistakes and common style blunders like overuse of the passive voice, they have less time to help you work on those all important central issues.

Only send your manuscript to a Book Doctor when you are happy that you've gone as far as you can with your first self-edit. That means getting rid of spelling mistakes, overly long sentences, awkward phrasing, uninterrupted slow pacing, vague or overused words, repeated phrases—and more—before you even think of sending off that initial email.

Sound like a challenge? It is, but ProWritingAid can help. ProWritingAid started out as a helping hand for writers completing their first self-edit (and the edits after that!). There are over 20 writing reports to help you figure out what you need to work on, how to prioritize different edits and how to make the necessary changes to your manuscript to make it shine.

goals in prowritingaid's summary report

We know that an author's personal voice is sacred, so all of our suggestions are completely optional. You'll get ideas for where you might want to edit your work, but the final decision on how and whether you use those suggestions rests on your shoulders.

That's why we also focus on helping you to improve your skills as a writer by learning from others in the community. That's where our favorite book doctor Sally O-J comes in.

Sally O-J

Sally Orson-Jones is a UK-based literary editor and writers’ mentor. She has spent more than 20 years working with writers of all levels and genres, including Sarah Waters, Viv Albertine and Lilie Ferrari.

Join us each month for Ask a Book Doctor as we talk to Sally about how she helps clients diagnose their problems and transform their work. We'll focus on a different area of story editing every month.

CANCELED FOR MAY: Ask a Book Doctor

May's session of Ask a Book Doctor has been canceled due to illness. Join us for our next session on June 8th!

Ask a Book Doctor: Subplots

ProWritingAid Webinar

Subplots draw your reader into your stroy and help keep them invested as you move along with your central plot. Find out how to weave subplots through your novel without getting them tangled in this free session.

Upcoming topics:

  • June 08: Subplots
  • July 13: Converting Your Fanfiction

Replays of Past Sessions

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December: Creating Emotional Depth and Texture

November: How to Use "Show, Don't Tell"

October: How to Write Dazzling Descriptions

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August: How to Create Compelling Characters

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