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Writing for Customers: How to Communicate with Impact and Empathy

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ProWritingAid Presents: Writing for Customers: How to Communicate with Impact and Empathy

Picture the scene. You’ve just written something really important for a customer. It has taken you a long time but you’re pretty happy with it. (Maybe it’s an email, proposal or complaint response, for example.)

You finally send it off and wait with bated breath for their reply. Sadly, they’re not as happy as you expected. In fact, they’ve decided to switch to a competitor.

You review what you’ve written. ‘It seems really clear and well written to me,’ you conclude. You’re a bit puzzled. Disappointed, too.

But clarity, while crucial, is not the only ingredient for getting results. Our writing needs something extra if it’s to resonate with today’s busy readers.

So what’s the missing link? Join Gary Woodward in this session to find out. He'll take you through lots of practical tips that you can apply to your own writing immediately.

  1. Gary Woodward, Business Writing Expert
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Gary Woodward, Business Writing Expert

Gary Woodward has been writing and training others to write for over 20 years. He's traveled the world training clients in every sector. From accountants and lawyers to scientists and customer service teams, he's helped others write for maximum impact. Some people find writing difficult. Other people enjoy it – and may even think they’re good at it – yet they still don’t get the results they want. Gary's mission is to take the pain away from writing and to help you get your message across.

Watch the replay now!

This webinar went live on June 25, 2020, but we recorded it for you to enjoy any time! Just hit the play button below to watch the replay.

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Hayley Milliman
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Hayley is thrilled to be ProWritingAid's Content Lead, as it gives her an excuse to think deeply about words every single day. Prior to joining ProWritingAid, Hayley spent a number of years as an elementary school teacher, which was a crash course in learning how to entertain an indifferent audience. These days, she puts her storytelling skills to use writing blog articles and working on her first novel.

When Hayley isn't hunched over her keyboard, you can find her figure skating at the ice rink or hiking with her dog.

She is the co-author of the book Museum Hack's Guide to History's Fiercest Females (which was an Amazon bestseller) and How to Build Your Author Platform on a Shoestring.

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