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Webinar: Navigating Your Editing Journey

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ProWritingAid Presents: Navigating Your Editing Journey, with JoEllen Nordström

Professional editors provide content editing, line editing, and copy editing. But what does that mean?

And how does that apply to you? What do you want and what do you really need? Lastly, how can you make it more affordable and less painful?

In this session, JoEllen Nordström, Publishing Power Podcast Host and founder of First Editing, shows you how to determine what editing services you actually need. If you are seeking editing but aren’t sure what you need, join us!

JoEllen will show you step-by-step how to evaluate what your manuscript needs and find the best price from qualified editors by determining where you are in your Editing Journey.

You will get answers to these questions and more:

  • WHO can you trust for editing?
  • WHAT determines your editing prices?
  • WHEN should you approach an editor for services?
  • WHERE can you find editing help (for free!)?
  • WHY is professional editing necessary?
  • HOW does editing help you reach your goals?

It all starts with self-editing and using valuable tools such as ProWritingAid. Creating a strong manuscript with specific goals will help you succeed. This workshop will help you prepare for when you are ready to start professionally editing.

  1. JoEllen Nordström, Author, Editor and host of the Publishing Power Podcast
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JoEllen Nordström, Author, Editor and host of the Publishing Power Podcast

JoEllen is the founder of First Editing, a unique and successful professional editing service. They have dominated the online editing marketplace for over a decade and helped over 35,000 authors! With hundreds of successfully published writers, numerous best-selling authors, and thousands of manuscripts self-published by academics and business authorities, JoEllen has inside editing knowledge.

Watch the replay now!

This webinar went live on April 30 2020, but we recorded it so that you could watch at any time. All you have to do is click on the play button below!

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