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New Ways to Learn With ProWritingAid

Hayley Milliman

Hayley Milliman

Content Lead

Published Dec 19, 2019

ProWritingAid Quizzes

Our goal in creating ProWritingAid was never to just create a grammar checker: we wanted to create a tool that could help you improve your writing every single time you use it.

A grammar checker can find and fix errors. Our editing tool not only finds mistakes, it helps you learn what you did wrong so you don’t make that mistake again in the future. That way, you’re learning while you’re writing.

  1. Introducing: Quizzes
  2. How to Use ProWritingAid’s Quizzes to Improve Your Writing
  3. Final Thoughts

Introducing: Quizzes

The newest tool we’ve introduced to help you learn while you write are quizzes. These quizzes are built into our grammar checker explanations so you can test your knowledge and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake over and over.

How to Use ProWritingAid’s Quizzes to Improve Your Writing

Here’s how you can use ProWritingAid to see test your grammar, style, and editing knowledge.

First, Review the Extended Explanation

Extended explanation

Here at ProWritingAid, we don’t just leave you hanging when you’ve made a mistake. We provide full, detailed explanations so you can understand the cause of your error and ensure you don’t make it again.

The extended explanation pages provide the “why” behind each correction. When you have time, read the explanation so you can understand what you’ve done wrong.

Once you understand the error, it’s time to test your knowledge with a quiz!

Then, Test Your Knowledge With A Quiz


We’re adding quizzes to the bottoms of our extended explanations so you can put your knowledge to the test. These multiple choice quizzes help you see whether or not you’ve mastered the concept.

If you answer correctly, great job! If you make a few mistakes, don’t worry! Go back and review the extended explanation and rest easy knowing ProWritingAid has your back.

Where Can You Find Quizzes?

Here are ten articles where we’ve added quizzes in the last month. We are adding more quizzes every week, so be sure to check back frequently.

Final Thoughts

Use the quizzes in the editing tool to help test your knowledge so you can learn from your mistakes and improve your writing craft.

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Hayley Milliman

Hayley Milliman

Content Lead

Hayley is the Head of Learning at ProWritingAid. Prior to joining this team, Hayley spent several years as an elementary school teacher and curriculum developer in Memphis, TN. When Hayley isn't hunched over her keyboard, you can find her figure skating at the ice rink or hiking with her dog.

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