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Action Verbs for Cover Letter or Resume: Best Power Words to Include

action verbs

Adding action verbs will help your CV and cover letter to stand out from the rest of the pile. Your CV is your chance to show prospective companies the highlights of your professional and academic history, so the language that you use should be in tune with this aim.

Similarly, both your CV and cover letter need to be concise, so you should pick powerful words that help you stand out.

To make your application, use strong, industry-appropriate action verbs when highlighting your skills in your cover letter or CV.

Action verbs imply that action is taking place (or in the case of a CV, has taken place) and come across as more dynamic. This gives your application materials a more energetic, upbeat, and positive feel.

Use action verbs selectively to achieve the most impact. You don't need to pack every single sentence with an action verb, but you should try to include at least two or three.

ProWritingAid will notify you if you have less than three action verbs in your CV or cover letter and you'll receive an alert telling you that you need to "include some action verbs to make your CV stand out." If you have three or more, you're all set!

  1. Action Verbs Help Highlight Your Skills

Action Verbs Help Highlight Your Skills

Using action verbs helps your CV and cover letter stand out to a hiring manager. Rather than opting for weak or commonplace words or phrases to describe your previous employment, choose action verbs to stress the skills you have developed and opportunities you seized.

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