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WYM: What Does It Mean and Stand For?

Definition of wym

Sometimes, online abbreviations feel like they are from a foreign language. If you’ve seen the abbreviation WYM online or in text conversations, you might wonder what it means.

WYM is a text message abbreviation for “what (do) you mean” and is used commonly in online conversations.

In this article, we’ll look at all the ways people use WYM in their written conversations.

Meaning of wym

  1. WYM Definition and What It Stands For
  2. What Does WYM Mean?
  3. Examples of WYM in Sentences

WYM Definition and What It Stands For

WYM stands for “what you mean?” or “what do you mean?” Some people use the text abbreviation WDYM as a grammatically correct version, but it has the same meaning as WYM.

Sometimes, WYM can mean “watch your mouth.” To know which definition the user intended, you need to look at the context.

Wym alternative meaning

It’s not clear exactly when WYM was first used, but it probably appeared around the same time as many other text abbreviations and online lingos. Today, people write WYM in online forums, online games, social media, and messaging apps.

What Does WYM Mean?

WYM is a slang term that is used to ask for clarification. It translates to “What (do) you mean” and is a shortened way of asking someone what they are talking about.

WYM can also begin a rhetorical question. The question mark is optional because it’s understood that WYM is asking a question.

Let’s take a look at an example where WYM is being used to ask for clarification.

  • Friend 1: that was the worst. i’m never going back to that place again lol

  • Friend 2: wym

  • Friend 1: that BBQ place you recommended a couple weeks ago. so gross.

Now, let’s take a look at how WYM can be rhetorical. We often see this type of usage on social media.

WYM in social media

  • wym ProWritingAid is expensive? I used it for free and got an A on my essay!

Here’s an example of when WYM means “watch your mouth.”

  • Friend 1: your new bf is such a jerk

  • Friend 2: hey wym. that’s not nice.

Remember to pay attention to the context so you know exactly what the sender means.

WYM Meaning in Text Messaging

Wym in text messages

WYM is most commonly used in text messages. Here are a few conversation examples between friends.

  • Friend 1: so excited! I got accepted!

  • Friend 2: wym accepted where?

  • Friend 1: NYU! Remember I applied last semester.

  • Friend 2: oh that’s right! congrats!

You can see that Friend 2 is using WYM to ask for clarification here.

  • Friend 1: that new taco place is nasty

  • Friend 2: wym it’s so good! tastes homemade

  • Friend 1: no way. i’d rather eat at Taco Bell

  • Friend 2: lol that’s not authentic Mexican food at all

In this second example, WYM is used rhetorically. Friend 2 is expressing disbelief at their friend’s opinion.

Now, here’s another example of a text conversation using WYM; this time it means “watch your mouth.”

  • Friend 1: the girl that sat next to us at lunch is annoying

  • Friend 2: wym!

  • Friend 1: why?

  • Friend 2: I’ve known her forever. she’s a good friend

Examples of WYM in Sentences

WYM isn’t just for text messages. Let’s check out some more examples in spoken sentences.

  • I cussed out my little brother and my mom yelled WYM like she doesn’t do it all the time.
  • WYM Ariel is the best Disney princess? She didn’t do anything cool like Moana or Elsa.
  • My best friend texted me gibberish so I asked WYM. She was literally texting in her sleep!

WYM might be acceptable in conversations between friends, but it should only be used in very informal situations. You can use ProWritingAid’s Paraphrase Report to help reword your writing for more formal situations.

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