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Tow or Two: What's the Difference?

tow vs two

The words tow and two are often confused by writers. We'll help you to understand the difference.

Two means the number after one when used as a noun.

Tow means to pull or haul by a rope, chain, or similar method when used as a verb.

A good way to remember the difference is Tow is the act of towing.

  1. The Difference Between Tow vs Two

The Difference Between Tow vs Two

Two and tow are easy to confuse because they have the same letters in a different order.

Two is the number after one.

Tow is a verb than means to "haul or pull by a rope or chain." It can also be a noun that means "the act of towing."

Which is right 'lesser of two evils' or 'lesser of tow evils'?

The right expression is 'lesser of two evils'. These phrases are often confused by writers.

Some synonyms of tow are: haul, pull, and drag.

Some synonyms of two are: ii, 2, and second .

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