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Inquiry vs Enquiry: Definitions, Differences, and Examples

inquiry vs enquiry

The English language is full of commonly confused words.

Inquiry and enquiry are two of these, and it’s clear why—they are similar in sound and spelling. Additionally, the two words are used differently in different countries.

In this article, we’ll look at the meanings of enquiry and inquiry, and how they’re used in American English vs British English.

  1. Enquire vs Inquire Meaning
  2. The Difference Between Inquiry vs Enquiry
  3. Examples of Inquiry vs Enquiry in Sentences
  4. Tips for Remembering the Difference Between Inquiry vs Enquiry

Enquire vs Inquire Meaning

Enquire and inquire are often used interchangeably. Both words are verbs which ask for information. They originate from the Latin word quaere, which means “to ask or seek.”

Enquire means to ask a question in a general way or in a way that doesn’t require an in-depth answer. Inquiry means to ask for information in a formal way, such as in an investigation.

However, the use of each word varies by country. Americans use inquire to refer to asking a regular question and to investigating.

Enquire is used in America as well but to a lesser degree. So, if you’re in America and use the words interchangeably, you probably won’t be penalized.

In British English however, the words are not interchangeable. Enquire only refers to asking a general question. It’s used when the speaker isn’t looking for a detailed answer. For example, when you want to check on someone or need quick details you will enquire about it.

  • Sam called the cinema to enquire about their showing times.

In the sentence above Sam asks a general question so enquire is appropriate.

Inquire is used for formal investigations or other official situations. For example, when a shop wants to look into accusations of theft, they will inquire about it.

  • The shop managers met to inquire into the accusations of theft.

The Difference Between Inquiry vs Enquiry

enquiry vs inquiry definitions

Similarly to their root words—enquire and inquireenquiry and inquiry essentially have the same meaning.

Both words refer to the act of asking for information. They follow the same rules as enquire and inquire—as well as their plural counterparts, enquiries and inquiries.

Inquiry refers to the act of asking a question in a formal way.

Enquiry is the act of asking a question in a general way.

In American English, inquiry and enquiry are used interchangeably. However, like enquire, enquiry is much more popular.

When to Use Inquiry

Inquiry is used in British English as a synonym for a formal investigation. In American English, however, it is used to refer to both a formal question as well as the act of asking a general question.

  • After reading the email, she promised a judicial inquiry into the complaint made.

When to Use Enquiry

If you’re writing for an American audience then you shouldn’t use enquiry. In fact, many Americans think the word enquiry is a spelling mistake.

In British English however, the difference between enquiry and inquiry is observed. Enquiry is used in the general sense of asking a question.

  • There’s a student who has emailed an enquiry about the term dates.

If the above sentence was written in an American publication or for an American audience, it would look like this:

  • There’s a student who has emailed an inquiry about the term dates.

Examples of Inquiry vs Enquiry in Sentences

Here are a few examples of how enquiry and inquiry are used in sentences.

  • The investigation will be continued by a commission of inquiry.
  • After a year-long inquiry the report revealed the team's findings.
  • Following the initial inquiry the driver was deemed safe to continue home.
  • My dad always gives an enquiry into how my day went.
  • I saw an open position and sent an email enquiry.
  • Did she make an enquiry into the dinner reservation like I asked?

Tips for Remembering the Difference Between Inquiry vs Enquiry

In addition to bookmarking this article, here are a few tips to help you remember the difference between inquiry and enquiry.

  • Enquire means to ask a general question, while inquire means to ask a formal question.
  • British English favors the use of enquiry for regular questions and the word inquiry for formal investigations.
  • American English uses inquiry and enquiry interchangeably, however, inquiry is more commonly used.

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