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“As Well As” in a Sentence: How to Use It (with Examples)

as well as

As well as is one of those phrases that gets thrown around a lot. However, not many people use it correctly.

Many people use as well as interchangeably with and; however, this is incorrect. As well as is a conjunction that means “in addition to.”

In this article, we’ll look at the definition of as well as, explain when to use it, and give examples of it in sentences.

  1. As Well As Definition
  2. When to Use As Well As
  3. Examples of As Well As in Sentences
  4. Conclusion on As Well As

As Well As Definition

The phrase as well as means “in addition to.” You can also use as well as when making a comparison.

When used as a conjunction, as well as is used to connect words, clauses, and phrases within a sentence.

  • The guitarist enjoyed painting as well as music.

When used as a multi-word preposition, as well as means “in addition to.”

  • The bridges, as well as the town, experienced snow.

When used to make comparison, as well as means “with the same proficiency” or “at the same level.”

  • Robin would love to speak French as well as Griffin does.

as well as definition

When to Use As Well As

As well as is often used as a synonym for “and,” however, both terms have different meanings. The conjunction "And" suggests that the words, clauses, or phrases it combines are equally important.

Using "and" in a list indicates that everything in the list is equally important. As well as, on the other hand, indicates that more emphasis should be placed on the words that come before it.

Let’s look at the following sentences to better understand.

  • Max, Jane, and Stuart want to take part in athletics.
  • Phillip, as well as Anne, want to miss the party.

The “and” in the first sentence shows that the three people are equal in their desire take part in athletics.

In the second sentence, as well as shows an emphasis on Phillip instead of Anne. This emphasis is created because “as well as Anne” is an aside, separated from the rest of the sentence by commas.

Using the Correct Tense with As Well As

Always remember that subjects linked by “and” always take a plural verb. On the other hand, when two two subjects are joined by as well as, the verb is singular.

  • Correct: Julie, as well as Mark and Sally, was at the park.
  • Correct: Julie, Mark, and Sally were at the park.
  • Incorrect: Julie, as well as Mark and Sally, were at the park.

Examples of As Well As in Sentences

Here are a few example sentences using the phrase as well as

  • She was a woman of extraordinary musical skill as well as a talented photographer.
  • The dog needs exercise as well as time playing.
  • Simon plays golf just as well as his sister, Ann.
  • When planning meals, you need to consider nutritional value as well as appearance and taste.
  • The TV as well as the radio, gives us a news report.
  • French is spoken in Canada as well as in France.

Conclusion on As Well As

Now you understand how to properly use as well as in your writing. It’s quite common for people to overuse conjunctions like as well as or and in their sentences. Always run your writing through ProWritingAid to check for any unintended repeats.

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