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The Simplest Way to Edit Your Medium Articles

Kyle A. Massa

Kyle A. Massa

Speculative Fiction Author

Published Feb 20, 2019


Every day, writers on Medium publish outstanding articles, thoughtful blog posts, and timely reviews. If you're not using it...why aren't you? Try it!

If you are on Medium, you already know what we mean. And if you're on Medium but you're not using ProWritingAid, you're missing out! Our Chrome and Safari extensions are perfect for the job. Here's why.

  1. In-Line Edits
  2. Distraction-Free Workspace
  3. Superpowered Edits
  4. Use PWA to Improve Your Medium Articles!

In-Line Edits

Unlike other editing software, ProWritingAid's extensions work within your browser, automatically. As you type, you'll see little lines appear beneath erors.


When you hover your cursor over the error, a dialogue box like the one in the above picture will appear. Select the proper edit, then click it. ProWritingAid will automatically correct your text to the selection you've made. These real-time edits are a huge timesaver for many Medium writers.

Distraction-Free Workspace

That said, you might do your best writing on a nice clean space. We totally understand. That's why we've made it easy to switch edits on and off. To do it, click the ProWritingAid icon next to your address bar.


See that slider next to "Checking is enabled for"? Click it. That will change the label to "disabled," removing all edits from your work. Enjoy that white space.

When finished, don't forget to follow the same procedure to switch your edits back on. Now you're ready to publish!

Superpowered Edits

Speaking of those edits. Maybe you're really wondering if this software is worth trying. Maybe you simply aren't sure its the right fit. Look below!


ProWritingAid is way more than just a spellchecker. Our app analyzes the context of your sentences and catches confused words. It also finds areas where you can tighten your writing and improve your style. By cutting needless words like "really" and "simply," you become a better writer. In a community of writers like Medium, that extra edge is invaluable.

Use PWA to Improve Your Medium Articles!

Ready to try ProWritingAid? Thought so! Download our extensions for Chrome or Safari, then start your free 14-day trial today. Happy editing!

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Kyle A. Massa

Kyle A. Massa

Speculative Fiction Author

Kyle A. Massa is the author of the short fiction collection Monsters at Dusk and the novel Gerald Barkley Rocks. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and their two cats. Learn more about Kyle and his work at his website,

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I just logged in with my medium account with Safari (Sept 2021) and the Pro Writing Aid drop down box states, " is not supported Due to technical reasons we cannot check text on" Not as simple as it seems. No boxes to check as on other sites.
I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with this! Would you be able to e-mail these details to and from there we will be able to help you.

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