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10 Podcasts Writers Should Be Listening To


There are many ways to document your time here on this planet, especially with the rise of social media. We take pictures, send videos and share images of our family, friends, food and favorite sitcoms to demarcate our human experiences.

Still, no form of expression is quite so pervasive as the written word.

Clarity and snappy verbiage are a must for any writer these days, and with the constant torrent of information and the pressure to present an aesthetically desirable product, writers barely have time to focus on their craft. If you are one of those busy humans who count themselves as part of the writing profession, here are ten podcasts to help revamp your style, give you some tips for publishing on multiple platforms, and inspire you to rededicate yourself to the craft.

Happy writing!

  1. 1: Grammar Girl
  2. 2: Creative Writing Career Podcast
  3. 3: Reading and Writing Podcast
  4. 4: Write Now with Sarah Werner
  5. 5: Writer 2.0 with A.C. Fuller
  6. 6: Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach
  7. 7: The Very Serious Writing Show
  8. 8: 10 Minute Writer's Workshop
  9. 9: Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
  10. 10: Longform
  11. Community Favorites
  12. The Book Marketing Show by Dave Chesson
  13. Write-Minded Podcast
  14. Goins, Writer: Embracing the Discipline to Write Your Book

1: Grammar Girl

Just like any profession, writing requires brushing up on technique every once in a while. Even though grammar is not always considered the most fun or creative aspect of writing, this fun, engaging podcast will help you remember just how important those tools are.

2: Creative Writing Career Podcast

There are many ways to make writing your career - and these podcasters can tell you how from personal experience! From Pixar scripts to dialogue for the Game of Thrones video game, these writers not only know the craft, they know how to get jobs that utilize their writing skills, and not in the most obvious way.

3: Reading and Writing Podcast

Sometimes there is no better impetus to write than inspiration from those you admire. Hear these fascinating interviews and let them spur you to content creation!

4: Write Now with Sarah Werner

Sarah Werner knows the ins and outs of technology and how it intersects a career in writing. In this podcast Sarah not only shares her knowledge with you, but helps you practice good writing habits every day. Like writing therapy, but in a podcast!

5: Writer 2.0 with A.C. Fuller

Journalism is not dead! Fuller interviews writers of many kinds on this podcast, but writers with journalistic aspirations will find this show particularly insightful.

6: Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach

Ann wants you to be productive, she wants you to write well but she also wants you to HAVE FUN DOING IT. This podcast is encouragement up the wazoo. If Ann’s positive attitude doesn’t excite you into pursuing your writing dreams, nothing will.

7: The Very Serious Writing Show

Not serious at all, this show features writers sharing their wisdom on the craft to someone who does not qualify as an expert. These interviews look on the lighter side of a craft that is often taken a little too seriously.

8: 10 Minute Writer's Workshop

Practice makes perfect! Except for when you’re a writer of course. There is always more to be done, more to be learned and edited, and always more to be written. This podcast will help you reinstate practical tools to put your pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard.

9: Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

A little unusual, “Magic Lessons” encourages writers to explore their relation to other art forms. Gilbert will inspire you to write, paint, sing, dance - maybe all at the same time! Give her a chance, and watch your creativity blossom.

10: Longform

Here we have a serious podcast featuring in-depth interviews with prominent writers, delving into their most revered works, and the business side of getting them published. Definitely a podcast for the seasoned, and very serious writer.

Community Favorites

Our ProWritingAid community has been suggesting some great podcasts, as well. Check them out below!

The Book Marketing Show by Dave Chesson

This podcast the best tactics and strategies to help you sell more books! Listen to from experts in the self-publishing industry talk about how to publish your books.

Write-Minded Podcast

This podcast is for writers craving a unique blend of inspiration and real talk about the ups and downs of the writing life. Hosted by Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), each theme-focused episode of Write-minded features a pep talk, a green-light moment, and a writing action.

Goins, Writer: Embracing the Discipline to Write Your Book

In this podcast, Jeff Goins discusses tips and tricks for learning to love the discipline you need to actually sit down and write your book.

Which writing podcasts do you love? Did we get your favorites or miss out on them? Let us know in the comments!

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