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The 10 Best Facebook Groups for Writers

  1. NOTE: After getting a ton of amazing feedback from users, we've added even more groups.
  2. Check it out here: Our Favorite Facebook Groups for Writers - updated for 2018
  3. The Groups
  4. What are your go-to groups on Facebook?

NOTE: After getting a ton of amazing feedback from users, we've added even more groups.

Check it out here: Our Favorite Facebook Groups for Writers - updated for 2018

Sometimes as I sit at my desk in a remote corner of the house, writing my soul out on the page, I need the company of other writers. Someone who understands how I can both crave and loathe this quiet aloneness. When it's 2am, and I'm working feverishly to meet a deadline or trying to make sense out of the jumble of ideas in my brain, I need community.

Where can you find a group that understands your struggles, your dreams, and how hard it is, but knows how much you love this life?

On Facebook, of course.

Whatever type of writer you are—fiction author, blogger, copywriter, content marketer—you can find a community of like-minded individuals on Facebook. So you like sci-fi and world-building? Join the Facebook group (see below). Are you an indie author looking for support? There's a group for you, too.

Here are 10 Facebook groups (in no particular order) for writers you need to check out. You might find your next writing soul sister or brother online.

The Groups

1. Where Authors Begin

Writers of all levels, ability, and experience welcome. If you need a supportive community that loves sharing resources and tips, join this group. You're bound to find someone with whom to connect. And they're adamant about being supportive. They'll remove anyone who isn't constructive in helping others.

2. Women Writers, Women's Books

This is the Facebook group for, an online literary magazine filled with contemporary women writers from around the world. Their mission is to encourage and promote women writers; their About page reads "We are particularly interested in the edges, the intersections between genres, nationalities, languages, arts, and cultures."

3. Copywriter Café

Just like your neighborhood café, you can drop in anytime and find someone willing to give your copy a quick critique. If you have a big project and you want to knock their socks off, get some one-on-one encouragement and coaching. The Café is good about giving you the boost of self-confidence you need to put yourself out there.

4. Writers Helping Writers

Are you ready to hand off your manuscript to beta readers for some healthy feedback? Or are you an editor willing to help writers with comments and suggestions? This group is for writers, readers, and editors to mingle over manuscripts. They strongly urge writers to be beta readers as well, so be prepared to read others' work as well as post your own.

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5. Grimdark Fiction Readers & Writers

Here's their promo: "Grimdark is a sub-genre of speculative fiction that usually consists of a) bleak settings, b) morally ambiguous characters, c) gritty violence, and d) dark realism." That's good stuff. And they must be doing something that both writers and readers like because they're almost 3,000 strong.

6. The Blogging Squad

Almost 6,000 members come together to support bloggers and influencers. You can share your latest blog posts in the daily thread, and you can find other bloggers with whom to collaborate and commune. If you're looking for support and encouragement to keep blogging, The Blogging Squad is the one.

7. Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers in America

If you're serious about the craft, you need to join this group. Their focus is solely on Sci-Fi and fantasy, and they encourage writers to post small pieces of their work to get opinions, comments, and suggestions. You'll find a like-minded group dedicated to the art, craft, and business of writing this genre.

If you like this group, you might like our favorite fantasy and sci-fi books list as well.

8. Indie Authors International

They bill themselves as "the group with no boundaries." If you're looking for indie authors, readers, and artists from around the world, you've found your community. No matter what you're looking for—a new writer to follow, an editor for your manuscript, or to post a link to your new book on Amazon—it's here.

9. Writers Unite!

If you're hooked on fan fiction, there's a group just for you. This community has over 8,000 members who enjoy hanging out and talking all things fan fiction. Who knows? Maybe you'll write the next 50 Shades series and hit it big. You can post links here to get feedback from others.

10. The Content Marketing Lounge

Content marketing professionals unite! Here's where you can meet others and discuss and learn the latest, best tips and advice on content marketing. They're an avid community interested in content marketing, content creation, and content strategy planning. No blatant promotion, though. It's a network of content marketers who want to learn and grow.

BONUS: The ProWritingAid Writer's Community

We'd be remiss if we didn't include our own Facebook group on this list. We created this community as a place for writers to connect and help each other become better writers. Join us today to get access to tips on how to improve your craft, discussion prompts, and exclusive invites to free writing events.

What are your go-to groups on Facebook?

Share your favorite Facebook writing group in the comments below. You may stumble upon the very writing community you didn't know you were looking for…serendipitously.

NOTE: After getting a ton of amazing feedback from users, we've added even more groups.

Check it out here: Our Favorite Facebook Groups for Writers - continued!

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Kathy Edens

Kathy Edens

Copywriter, ghostwriter, and content strategy specialist

Kathy Edens is a blogger, a ghost writer, and content master who loves writing about anything and everything. Check out her books: The Novel-Writing Training Plan: 17 Steps to Get Your Ideas in Shape for the Marathon of Writing and Creating Legends: How to Craft Characters Readers Adore... or Despise.

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Hi Kathy, I think I could benefit from your wide ranges of expertise! I'm not really stuck, just pondering where to go. I am trying to write something that seems to be writing itself. I take that to mean the subject is something our generation could benefit from...called "Scriptures on The Edge." I am almost 70 years wise(!) and am applying a modernish spin on the wisdom of the Bible. Since I am not a mind reader, I cannot fully understand the ancient or cultural context. I am not looking too, but beyond these. I believe God expects all generations to keep rising above the ignorance and limited ideas of the ancients. We are to keep advancing His Word, applying it personally mastering and working out our own salvation. All that being said, does this make sense to you? We moderns are fairly intelligent folks, and we have more biblical history in our hands than most generations. But what good is it if we regard it only as tradition does? My work is ever in progress but on my mind for years and I have studied the Scriptures for years, have notes organized in notebooks and flash drives. Does this sound even remotely interesting? Or am I deceiving myself that this is good stuff? It all started from a kid who grew up minus religious training. God through the years has home-schooled me. What do you think about the viability of this subject? Thanks for your input and what you do for all writers. Polly
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I wouldn't bother with FanFiction.netWritersUnite, they seem to have a rouge mod who enjoys banning people, permanently without reason and nobody tries to stop him or her. However, Fan fiction fanatics and fan pages are worth the effort.
Facebook poetry society
The ArtHut Creative Community ( is one to mention to the list - it's filled with all sorts of creativity, has high engagement rates and a hub for growth

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