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Every serious writer needs an editor. If you don't have enough money for a professional editor, or want to get the best value from your professional editor then there are several manuscript editing software programs available on the internet to help you. These act as a robo-copy editor, giving you an automated critique of your writing. They highlight areas of your writing, sometimes difficult to spot, that might be improved. These programs are much more than just a grammar checker or spellchecker. By using one of these programs before you send your writing to a professional editor you will be sure to get the most out of your editor. These writing programs will make sure that you have addressed all of the most obvious issues in your writing, leaving your editor free to concentrate on higher levels issues.

Free manuscript editing software


Full disclosure, this is our own manuscript editing software. We strongly believe that it is the best manuscript editing software on the web. What's even better is that you can access all of the reports for free. ProWritingAid includes an overused words finder, a sentence variation tool, a passive voice finder, a repeat words and phrases finder, a dialogue word finder, a report that highlights vague and abstract words as well as diction problems. It also includes advanced features such as sentiment analysis and time line analysis.


Currently in Beta this manuscript editing software gives you a report card for your writing. It highlights some of the problems in your writing in lurid colors. There is only one report though and it can be very hard to work with longer documents. It also does not give you a summary of the findings it has made, meaning that it can be difficult to see at a glance what is wrong with your text.

Paid manuscript editing software


Autocrit has been around for a while. It contains many similar reports to ProWritingAid but is free only up to 300 words, three times a day. Otherwise you need to fork out for a yearly subscription. It doesn't include feature of ProWritingAid such as spelling/grammar, or the more advanced features such as sentiment analysis. It also doesn't allow in-place editing.


Stylewriter is manuscript editing software that you can download to your computer. It highlights some of the same issues as ProWritingAid but comes at a hefty price tag of $150. For some reason it is not supported on the Mac so the large percentage of writers out there who use Macs won't be able to use this manuscript editing software.

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  • graces says
    I love Stylewriter but it freezes all the time, and I have to copy and paste.
    Posted On Nov 09, 2012 | 06:29
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