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Making Money as a Freelancer: Everything You Need In One Infographic

the top four ways to make money as a freelance writer

Have you ever sat back and wondered what it takes to build a writing career in 2021?

As long as you have the skills, then your opportunities for earning money are (almost) endless.

From copywriting for businesses, to writing for online publications like Hack Spirit and Ideapod that pay surprisingly well, to setting up your own blog, there are so many different ways that you can earn money as a writer in 2021.

It’s time to build your career and establish yourself as an expert voice in the online world.

What exactly are the top ways to earn money as a writer in 2021? How much can you realistically expect to make?

The Expert Editor answers these questions in their new infographic. If you want to boost (or even start) your writing career, check out the infographic below.

earning money as a writer infographic

We hope you feel inspired to turn your writing skills into a business.

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